Saturday, April 10, 2010

Rosell close to selling sports company

Spanish business paper Expansíon claims that Barcelona presidential candidate Sandro Rosell is finalizing the sale of his sports marketing agency Bonus Sports Marketing (BSM).

Rosell, who reportedly has explained to his friends and collaborators that a sale is imminent, would have decided to sell the company so that there can't be any insinuations on possible conflicts of interests between his personal businesses and a position as club president.

There would at this moment be three concrete proposals by international groups and a deal would be closed in the coming days. BSM has a turn-over of 5.6 million euros a year and would be sold for a price between 6.3 and 7.2 millions.

BSM, that was founded by Rosell in 2002, is specialized in sports sponsorship and strategic sports marketing consultancy and event organization. The Barcelona based agency is working for local and multinational companies like Audi, Electrolux and McDonalds.

The company's main project is Football Dreams, a football scouting program sponsored by the government of Qatar and Nike aimed at giving children from Africa, Asia and Latin America the opportunity to earn scholarships to study and train at a football academy in Qatar.

Besides BSM, Rosell is reportedly also active in several other businesses, including a few companies of his family, whose assets are estimated at 250 million euros.

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Godall would support candidacy Sala i Martin

Barcelona first vice-president and ex-candidate in the upcoming elections Alfons Godall has said on social networking site Facebook that he would support Barcelona treasurer Xavier Sala i Martín if the latter would decide to run for president:

"If Xavier Sala would want to be a candidate in the 2010 elections, I would unconditionally give him my full support. He is qualified, he is big Barcelona fan and he has the motivation and the reason that are needed to be able to win the elections. Xavier, you already know this: if you want it, you can count on me!"

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[2003] Laporta and Rosell will co-lead candidacy

source: el mundo deportivo, saturday 12 april 2003, page 14

'American' candidacy

Sandro Rosell is part of and co-leads the group of Joan Laporta

The group of young professionals that is led by Joan Laporta and Sandro Rosell is ready to present their candidacy, but will only do so when the elections are called. The plan is to organize an american-style candidacy, in which all the media intention won't be focused on the candidate. The leadership will be shared by two or more people.

This association of around twenty friends and prestigious professionals has been working for a long time to offer a real alternative, that completely 'breaks' with the past, to arrive at the presidency of FC Barcelona. The group is completely independent, they have no relationship at all with any other group. It is also an open candidacy.

The presence of Sandro Rosell, a former senior executive at Nike and now a consultant, opens some options for the group. Sandro, the son of a former general director of Barça, maintains a relationship of mutual respect with former president Núñez and of friendship with his children. That could be an advantage to try to solve the lack of sympathy the former president feels for Laporta, whom he still sees as the leader of 'Elefant Blau'.

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Cruyff doesn't see link nomination-elections

Asked why some people link his nomination as honorary president of FC Barcelona to the upcoming elections, former barcelona player and coach Johan Cruyff has said in an interview with the club's official media that he doesn't understand the connection that is made:

"I have no idea why people link this nomination with the elections. Laporta already thought about this a couple of years ago, but then there was the whole process of changing the statutes so that a president could only serve two terms of six years.

Maybe back then, people could have thought about electoral motives because there are a lot of cynical people out there. I see no relation at all between Joan Laporta, myself and the elections because he can not take part."

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Rexach will next week decide on candidacy

Speaking to journalists on Thursday, former Barcelona player and manager Carles Rexach has said that he is still looking at the option to run for president in the upcoming elections and that he plans to decide next week:

"It's possible that I take part in the elections. I will let the Madrid game pass by and next week we will make a decision. There are people I'm interested in, others not that much. The world of football is quite complicated, but we will not jump the gun."

According to Spanish news agency Europa Press, Rexach also assured that he already has a project in place that would include names of collaborators.

Madrid sports tabloid
As claims that one of the main people behind the candidacy of Rexach is Antón Parera, a former Barcelona executive at the time of former presidents Josep Lluís Núñez and Joan Gaspart, under whom he was general director.

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Friday, April 9, 2010

Benedito says he will also run in next elections

Barcelona presidential candidate Agustí Benedito [picture, on the right] has said in an interview with Catalan local television station Teletaxi TV that he, no matter what happens in the upcoming presidential elections, will certainly take part in the next vote that in theory will take place in 2016:

"It was a hard decision for us to participate in these elections. There are a lot of people involved, a lot of money, a lot of energy, it's all very complicated. We made the decision because we had the certainty that our model for the club wasn't the same as that of the other two main candidacies.

And I will tell you something that I maybe shouldn't tell. It's possible that I won't win the elections and it might depend on others who at this moment have more chances to win. But the confidence we have in our program for Barça is so big that if we are not able to win now, we will defend it at the next elections. That's also why we're not interested in pacts. We have a long-term vision."

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Rosell could withdraw his candidacy

Catalan sports paper Sport claims that Barcelona presidential candidate and former sports vice-president Sandro Rosell could possible have to withdraw from the election race as consequence of a "bomb" that is put in place by his opponents.

It is suggested that this could be linked with the fact that it is going to be a tough campaign and that all parties are preparing dossiers on the other candidates. All this would keep the possibility open that there in the end wouldn't be elections as there might only one candidate show up.

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[2003] Blaugana Florentino waiting to come out

source: el mundo deportivo, friday 11 april 2003, page 18

Joan Laporta, a complicated option

Joan Laporta is still receiving plenty of advice on running and not running. Lluís Bassat seems to be in theory the candidate who could be affected the most as far as votes are concenrend by the participation or not of the young lawyer from Barcelona who led the 'Elefant Blau'. If there's a Reyna candidacy and Laporta runs, there will be a bipolarization and then the others will want to be the 'center' candidate.


Jordi González, the president of the Mercabarna fan club, unveiled yesterday on Ona Catalana, the existence of a 'hidden candidate', a businessman able to present immediately 3.000 signatures and to arrive at 8.000.

He said he is a regular at the stadium, that he leads a group of 800 companies and that he was a member of the Chamber of Commerce and the Board of the Harbour. While he's awaiting how much support he could get, he puts forward as a condition that Evarist Murtra should be part of his future candidacy. Who is the blaugrana 'Florentino'?

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Ingla closer to decision on running for president

Catalan radio station Ona FM claims that former Barcelona marketing and sports vice-president Marc Ingla is still considering to run for president in the elections on 13 June and would be closer to make a final decision (read more here).

Ingla would hold tomorrow a meeting with his collaborators to discuss the possibility of taking part in the elections. Ingla, who would have been the number two in case former Barcelona economic vice-president Ferran Soriano would have run, can reportedly count on the support of most of the board members who left the club in 2008 after the vote of no confidence (read more here).

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Poll result: 13 june is a good election date?

Do you think 13 June is a good date to celebrate the elections at Barça?

Yes 67%
No 28%
Don't know 5%

total votes: 61
start date poll: 29 january 2010
poll method: internet, free participation
source: la vanguardia

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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Guixa wants clarification on Ronaldinho commission

Barcelona presidential candidate has asked in a statement that president Joan Laporta and presidential candidate Sandro Rosell would clarify their position on the story by Laporta that Rosell, when he was sports vice-president, wanted to sell Ronaldinho and cash a commission fee (read more here):

"No candidate for the presidency of FC Barcelona should enter the electoral race with doubts on his reputation. All Barcelona fans want a fair election process, without any speculation.

If there are 'facts' that affect the honor of one of the candidates, I think that it is essential that the accuser shows his evidence and that the accused starts his legal defense before the elections.

The clarification of these facts is essential regarding offering a dignified process to all candidates, without confusing the club members or turning our club into a electoral circus."

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Cruyff presented as honorary president

Former Barcelona player and coach Johan Cruyff was today officially presented as the first honorary president in the history of FC Barcelona (read more here).

Ferrer: "I know how do this"

Barcelona presidential candidate Jaume Ferrer gave an interview to Catalan local radio station Radio Cabrera and Catalan online sports paper Yoya.

Will you continue with the model of a coach plus a sports director? If so, will that be with Txiki?
I believe in the sports model that has been put in place over these last years and that has as pillars the coach of the first team, the sports director and the youth director. Our model is to invest in the academy, so that as many players as possible can become first team players, and to sign players that make the difference. I count on Txiki, I think that so far he has done a very good job, he has the ideal personality to be sports director and although I know about his intention to leave at the end of the season, which is when his contract runs out, I will try to convince him to continue.

What can you bring to Barça in case you would be president that the other candidates cannot provide?
All the candidates are certainly great Barcelona fans and can do very well, but what I can offer is my experience in this club. It's clear to me how I should do this, and all the people in this board know how to do it, because since 2003 we are managing the club, we have participated in the growth both in the sports and in the economic area. We know how to do it and we will explain to the club member that we will continue with the same model, which is still only half-way. The next years are crucial to make sure that FC Barcelona becomes a world reference.

Are you, given the current state of things, still in favour of the Foster project as it was presented to us back in the days?
I am in favour of the remodelling of the stadium, and it should be renewed for two clear reasons. For comfort reasons, for the elderly, for people who have a disability, to have more comfortable seats. As in most stadiums today, people go there to enjoy football with maximum comfort and safety. The other reason is the fact that we have to compete against clubs with new stadiums, with a capacity of income that our stadium at this moment doesn't have. We have to build more boxes for companies, and this will also affect the price of the season-tickets of the members, who will not have to pay as much because the revenues will come from the companies. So we should remodel the stadium to be competitive in the coming years. The Foster project should be reviewed but you must take into account that Foster only gave us a scale model, nothing more. When we have obtained the reclasification of the Miniestadi zone and the municipal authorizations we will see what we should do but we're not talking about figures of 300 millions that have been out there. We need to act with common sense.

What do you think about pacts with other candidates? Would you have any problem with including a candidate in your project or joining someone else?
I believe that now is not the time for pacts. It is the moment to present projects and to explain them to the club members. I'm not refusing any pact, I am open for anyone who wants to work for Barça, what we want is to unite not divide. But it is not the time for deals.

Do you think it is positive that you are seen as a candidate who can reach an agreement with everyone, someone who doesn't have real enemies?
Not having enemies is how it should be, we are all Barcelona fans, we all want Barcelona to do well, we have to get along, to be united and to build not divide. This is my way of thinking. I believe in an inclusive club where everyone has a place. All we have do is act with common sense and wisdom.

this was the second part of this interview. you can read the first part here and the third part here.

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Presentation video of candidate Miquel Pou

This is the presentation video of Barcelona presidential candidate Miquel Pou (read more here).

[2003] President Reyna considering to run

source: el mundo deportivo, thursday 10 april 2003, page 18

Reyna seeking advice from lawyers

President Enric Reyna, who is considering to run in the elections once the managing commission has been installed, has asked for legal advice to confirm the legality of his decision.

Josep Maria Coronas [board secretary] already positively informed the board about the possibility for all the members to get involved in the vote because they haven't been the direct target of any motion of confidence. That consultation was asked by several members of the board who have the desire to be part of a future candidacy.

The president has now asked legal professionals with a proven track record for further advice and they have agreed with Coronas. That, along with the support of several fan clubs and club members, strengthens him to seriously consider to take part in the elections.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Number of voters and signatures announced

Speaking at a press conference earlier today, Barcelona chief executive Joan Oliver has said that Barcelona has at this moment 168.185 club members, 115.811 of which will have the right to vote in the elections for president of the club that will be held on Sunday 13 June 2010.

Oliver also confirmed that presidential candidates will need to collect the signatures of 2.095 club members to be able to take part in the final vote (read more here). The chief executive said the numbers could still change slightly.

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Cartoon 34: With dramatic affect

*Stroke of affection*

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by hooligags


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Will candidates take part in football game?

Yesterday, a group on social networking site Facebook was launched that asks for a football game to be organized ahead of the elections in which the candidates for president of FC Barcelona would take part.

Catalan sports paper El Mundo Deportivo claims that the group "Jo també vull un partit de futbol pre-electoral!" [I also want a pre-electoral football match!] was set up by the candidacy of Agustí Benedito. This has meanwhile been officially confirmed.

The description on the page reads as follows: "We want the elections at Barça to be a model of transparency and fair play. Therefore we want to challenge all the candidacies and the journalists to participate in a football tournament. Benedito, Rosell, Ferrer, Guixà and the journalists all wearing shorts for a good cause: the unity of the Barcelona fans!"

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The Pundit: Lluis Simon on press relations Rosell

« At a breakfast with Sandro Rosell and twenty journalists, the presidential candidate asked all the guests for discretion. That's an exercise in faith. Journalists are, by definition, the biggest chatterers on earth and therefore - without anything having been written - everyone already knows everything that was said at the meeting. »

Lluís Simon,
El 9 Esportiu

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Most read of the month

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[2003] Majo presents his candidacy

source: el mundo deportivo, tuesday 8 april 2003, pages 16 and 17

"We want a winning cub and an efficient and honest management"

Jordi Majó presented yesterday his pre-candidacy for the presidency of FC Barcelona during an event at a hotel in Barcelona at which around 60 collaborators assisted, besides his family.

The Catalan businessman announced a "strategic plan" that is yet to be drawn up and that will be used, in case he wins the elections, "to manage the club in an efficient way and with new people, who nevertheless have an extensive management experience".

Majó, who explained that his sporting goal is "a Barça with an own style and capable of winning several European cups both in football and basketball", clearly confirmed that "we will not make a pact".

In an informal and relaxed atmosphere, he assured that "for me it is more important that my children say that I have kept my word than to have a seat in the president's box".

Sergi Bruguera, the Roland Garros champion, was the most well-known face of the future candidacy of Jordi Majó.

Sergi, who is crazy of Barça, and of football, was tired of seeing things that could be improved at his beloved club and not being able to do something about it. Now he will get involved with body and soul.

Ferrer: "The easy thing would have been to leave"

Barcelona presidential candidate Jaume Ferrer gave an interview to Catalan local radio station Radio Cabrera and Catalan online sports paper Yoya.

What makes you want to be the president of FC Barcelona?
It is a combination of passion and common sense. I go to watch the games since I was a kid, I never imagined I would be part of the board of Barça and now that the president cannot be re-elected I think I have the experience needed. I know the club, I know how to do it and that my passion for Barça together with my common sense can help the club to be better managed.

You say you will continue with the same project but change the style. Can you explain what you mean when you refer to "changing the style"?
It's very easy. We are starting an era in which the president and the directors should not be the main actors. The main actors should be the players, the coaches and the titles. The board has to make decisions but they should act discretely, the players and the coaches should be in the media spotlights.

Over the years, the club members and the fans have been able to read reports about the president and the board of directors wasting money by spending it on unnecessary things or for personal use, like private jets and so on. How have you experienced all that from the inside?
It's not like that at all. On the contrary. Since 2003, that is when we took office, we have started working on multiplying the revenues. This year, we will have a turn-over of 400 millions. From 2003 until the end of 2007, I have myself been the treasurer of the club and I can tell you that as far as the expenses are concerned, we have acted in a very strict way.

Let's talk about a concrete name: Mister Joan Oliver. If you win, will you count on him?
I don't think that anyone is indispensable. Everyone knows what happened with private investigations and the lack of confidence is perhaps a problem. The president of Barça should have full confidence in his chief executive. But in any case these decisions will be made later on.

The members of Barça are fed up with the slander and the campaigns coming from the press of Madrid. There is something that can be done against it? If you will be president, will you try to stop all this?
For those who are annoyed by this, the solution should be not to read the press that says these things, but all this is a consequence of the fact our team is playing in a spectacular way and has been the first team in history to win six titles in one year. This is very frustrating for the big rival and their supporters. We don't have to worry, I want our team to continue to perform well, to win games and titles, and we should ignore the rest.

One has the impression that you have had to resist and to deal with a lot of injustices in the board. Mister Benedito saw something he did not like and he left, while you are still holding on. What is more honourable in this case: to resist or to leave?
All these are personal decisions that everyone has to make for himself. I can explain you what I think. I prefer to be in the club, because of the responsibility that was given to me by the members and the fans, to have an influence on the decisions that are taken in the board and to make sure they are the best ones for the club. And this does not mean that I will resign if a decision is adopted that I don't like. Inside the board we don't all think alike and there is a debate. The easy thing for me to do in recent years would have been to leave and I would certainly have got a lot more support from everyone. But what interests me is to protect the club, to manage the club and to influence as much as possible all those decisions that I think are crucial for the club, and this is what I will do until the end.

this was the first part of this interview. you can read the second part here and the third part here.

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MotoGP businessman possible vice-president Rosell

Catalan sports paper El 9 Esportiu claims that Catalan businessman Manel Arroyo could become the economic vice-president of FC Barcelona if presidential candidate Sandro Rosell is elected in the upcoming elections.

Last month, it was said that former Barcelona director Xavier Faus was the main candidate of the Rosell candidacy to become economic vice-president (read more here).

Manel Arroyo is the 49-year old managing director of Dorna Sports, an international sports management and marketing company, that is among other things the exclusive holder of all commercial and television rights of the MotoGP World Championship since 1992.

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The Pundit: Joan Vehils on electoral break

« The Easter break has caused the candidates for the presidency of Barça to take some time off. It would be nice if they could extend this break a little more and give us the chance to only focus on football during this very important week. »

Joan Vehils,

Monday, April 5, 2010

Poll result: Laporta was right to appoint Cruyff?

Do you approve that Laporta has nominated Cruyff as honorary president of FC Barcelona?

Yes 27%
No 71%
Don't know 2%

total votes: 9239
start date poll: 26 march 2010
poll method: internet, free participation
source: la vanguardia

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The Catalan Cave: Albert Lesan (Canal Catala)

in this section, we ask catalan and spanish sports journalists five questions about the elections for president of fc barcelona. today: albert lesan from catalan local television station canal català.

1. Jaume Ferrer has the qualities needed to be president of Barça?
Yes he has, although I want to see how he will manage the support or the poisoned gift that he received from Laporta.

2. You have publicly given your support to Sandro Rosell? Why?
I think it's the best thing that can happen to Barça. He is a great person and he wants to serve Barça and not serve himself. I know him for a while now and I like his club model and his way of being. We will very soon have a gentleman as president.

3. Joan Laporta would be re-elected if he could again take part in the elections?
Definitely not. It was already clear at the time of the motion of no confidence that people reject him. What is not very clear to me is if he will one day again preside the club.

4. Your talkshow has set up the Facebook group in support of the candidacy of Carles Rexach. What will happen now that the required number of 5.000 members has been achieved? Rexach will really take part? And if so, will he do that alone or will he have no other option than to look for an alliance with another candidate?
We are all waiting for the decision of Charlie. I know he is taking his possible candidacy very seriously, but I don't know if he in the end will dare to do it.

5. The decision to organize the elections on 13 June was right?
Horrible. Elections should be on a match day. Laporta's fear of losing control makes him commit this kind of blunders. I wonder what Laporta is afraid of? I hope that the veils will be lifted when the new president takes office. And if there is nothing wrong, they should say that everything is fine; but if there are punishable offenses, this should be reported.

THE EXTRAS If you were a club member of Barça, who would you vote for or certainly not vote for?
I'm not a member but for many years I went to the Camp Nou and paid for a family season-ticket. If I was, I would vote for Rosell.

All your possessions are at stake. Give the top-3 of the elections on 13 June.
Rosell, Benedito, Ferrer.

Thank you for this interview and your time. Good luck in covering the rest of the season and the elections.

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Cartoon 33: Rosell ready to solve Cesc's problem

It's very frustrating not to be able to make my debut at the Camp Nou, I would like to find a solution for that.

Well, I have 56 million solutions.

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by caye


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Possible candidate Llaurado buys football club

Former Barcelona vice-president and possible presidential candidate Jaume Llauradó has recently bought Spanish fourth division club Badajoz.

Badajoz is a city in the autonomous community of Extramadura, in western Spain, that borders with Portugal.

Together with Mauro Gianetti, a Swiss former professional cyclist, Llauradó acquired a few months ago around 60 per cent of the shares of the club and the 65-year old Catalan businessman was in January appointed as board member of the club.

Jaume Llauradó was a pre-candidate in the elections of 1997 and 2000, when he ended up joining the candidacy of the later president Joan Gaspart, in whose board Llauradó was a vice-president from 2000 until he resigned after one year because he didn't agree with the way the club was governed.

In 2003, he was a presidential candidate but finished 6th and last in the elections won by Joan Laporta. He obtained 987 votes (1,91%), which was considerably lower than the number of signatures he had been able to collect. Llauradó is also the president of FC Barcelona think tank Fòrum Samitier.

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sources: hoy, el periódico de extremadura

The Pundit: Alex Santos on re-election Laporta

« If Laporta could be re-elected, I think there would be no chance to take the presidency away from him, just like when Josep Lluís Núñez ran for a new term. »

Alex Santos,
El 9 Esportiu

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Benedito: "The signatures won't be a problem"

Barcelona presidential candidate Agustí Benedito gave an interview to Catalan local radio station Radio Cabrera and Catalan online sports paper Yoya.

It is true that you're against the sale of assets and specifically against the sale of the Miniestadi?
The truth is that I'm concerned about some decisions that the board has lately taken regarding the sale of assets because this that our assets' solvency ratio has become worse. Three times they have sold parts of our assets. I'm not in favour of this, it should only happen when we're facing a very difficult situation and I think that is not the case now. I'm heavily opposed and I think that the other candidates have a different idea.

But do you think a reform of the Camp Nou is necessary?
The Camp Nou is 53 years old and needs a reform regarding accesses, comfort, new technologies and we will do it during the next mandate. Another, very different thing is having reform of a football pitch that can be seen from the moon.

A theme that regularly comes back in these elections, is the relationschip Barça-politics. What is your opinion?
The Catalan character of Barcelona is part of its essence. Whoever wants to reduce this Catalan character, no matter who it is, will fail. But the president should not do politics and this has been one of the big mistakes of Laporta. One thing is to help Catalonia club through the club and another thing is to use it in a party-politcal way. And besides that, Laporta is doing it for his personal benefit, betraying the spirit and the pact he had with the club members in 2003.

Having been, back in the days, so close and loyal to Laporta, how is it possible that you never were part of the board of directors? You rejected or it was never offered to you?
Honestly, since Laporta was elected as president Laporta he never talked with me about the possibility of joining the board. Other directors did tell me that they wanted me to become part of the board but Laporta never proposed it to me, so I didn't have the choice to say yes or no. Likewise, this fact did not stop me from working for Barça with all I had until the last day.

Could it be that your biggest signing is not a player? I'm talking about your campaign director, Mr. Xavier Roig...
Yeah, right, he is a great professional and I am very happy with the collaboration agreement we have signed. He has a great cv, also in the Barça elections, since he was Laporta's campaign director in 2003. He will not be the only signing of this nature, I will bit by bit release names that people will certainly like a lot.

Let's try, can you already give us a name?
The campaign hasn't started yet... It's precisely Xavier Roig who has advised me that these names should be brought to the public gradually.

How are you planning the collection of the signatures, are you optimistic?
What we have is like a "movement", today we don't get the same attention in the mainstream media as other candidates, but we are with many people, many people are working on this, many club members have contacted us to help us. There will be more than 1, 2 or 3 candidates that will have more difficulties than us to pass the cut of the signatures. We will go over it and it won't be a problem for us, we will have other problems but not this one.

this was the second and last part of this interview. you can read the first part here.

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interview: uri bruguera

Most read of the week

Rosell preparing bid for Cesc

British tabloid The Daily Mail claims that Barcelona presidential candidate and former Barcelona sports vice-president Sandro Rosell is preparing a bid of 56 million euros to sign Arsenal midfielder Cesc Fàbregas in the summer.

Rosell would always have maintained excellent relations with Cesc, whose contract with the English Premier League club expires in 2014, as well as with his family, and securing the transfer of the former Barcelona youth player would strengthen his bid for the presidency.

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Ferrer doesn't want Laporta to campaign

Catalan sports paper El Mundo Deportivo claims that, after Barcelona president Joan Laporta gave his support to Barcelona assets vice-president and presidential candidate Jaume Ferrer last month (read more here), Ferrer has now asked Laporta not to campaign for him in the coming months.

Both Ferrer and members of the candidacy of the vice-president would have asked Laporta during private talks that he wouldn't make any more statements in favour of Ferrer that could lead people to think that the president is directly taking part in the campaign ahead of the elections in June.

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Ferrer won't accept conditions Laporta

The Pundit: Enric Baneres on election role Laporta

« The interventionism of Laporta in the appointment of his successor, in the setting up of a continuity candidacy, starts to produce episodes of absurdity and is close to shameless, in addition to highlighting at the most inopportune time another shortcoming of the still president: that his ability to divide is far bigger than his ability to unite. »

Enric Bañeres,
La Vanguardia