Tuesday, April 6, 2010

[2003] Majo presents his candidacy

source: el mundo deportivo, tuesday 8 april 2003, pages 16 and 17

"We want a winning cub and an efficient and honest management"

Jordi Majó presented yesterday his pre-candidacy for the presidency of FC Barcelona during an event at a hotel in Barcelona at which around 60 collaborators assisted, besides his family.

The Catalan businessman announced a "strategic plan" that is yet to be drawn up and that will be used, in case he wins the elections, "to manage the club in an efficient way and with new people, who nevertheless have an extensive management experience".

Majó, who explained that his sporting goal is "a Barça with an own style and capable of winning several European cups both in football and basketball", clearly confirmed that "we will not make a pact".

In an informal and relaxed atmosphere, he assured that "for me it is more important that my children say that I have kept my word than to have a seat in the president's box".

Sergi Bruguera, the Roland Garros champion, was the most well-known face of the future candidacy of Jordi Majó.

Sergi, who is crazy of Barça, and of football, was tired of seeing things that could be improved at his beloved club and not being able to do something about it. Now he will get involved with body and soul.


  1. in this new section, we will take a look back at the built-up to the last presidential elections at barça in 2003.

    because the elections were seven years ago held on 15 june, which is 2 days later than this year, we will check the papers of that time (that are dated two days later than this year's date) and bring you some news of the previous elections process.

  2. Great idea pep, now we can follow the elections of 2010 and relive the elections of 2003 here.

  3. i know it's for the freaks, but ok... :-D

  4. great idea :)

    pep, i have one question. what does alfons godall do for living?

  5. thanks, anonymous :)

    and godall manages his family's real estate.

  6. No, wrong! Alfons Godall hustles the Ramblas!

  7. Sergi Bruguera is a cule? I had no idea. Too late to start liking him now, I guess.

  8. didn't you like his relaxed claycourt play then? :-)

  9. No, actually never liked clay-cout specialists much. do remember watching that final with Bersatagui (of the queer grip), though. What happened to that guy. Is he like a Madridista or something? In that case I ll try downloading that match to watch it again.

  10. berasategui is basque so i would doubt he's a madridista...