Friday, April 9, 2010

Rosell could withdraw his candidacy

Catalan sports paper Sport claims that Barcelona presidential candidate and former sports vice-president Sandro Rosell could possible have to withdraw from the election race as consequence of a "bomb" that is put in place by his opponents.

It is suggested that this could be linked with the fact that it is going to be a tough campaign and that all parties are preparing dossiers on the other candidates. All this would keep the possibility open that there in the end wouldn't be elections as there might only one candidate show up.

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  1. It's interesting that Carazo referred to what Perrin said in Catalunya Radio about the possibility of only one candidate.

  2. Great scott! That would be huge! Difficult to believe right now, but huge.

  3. carazo is known for happily mixing up stories, so will first check on that perrin interview. if there's something interesting there i'll make a separate post on it...

  4. i don't think so that he will withdraw.
    he had the 2nd most support on facebook and he is the most popular in a vote a few months back.
    maybe this is an expired april fool's joke.

    btw what bomb are they talking about?
    about ronaldinho's sale?

  5. Wonder what this bomba will be? Rosell is Florentino's god son?

  6. i spoke with someone of rosell's candidacy this evening and they don't seem very worried about it.

    i was also just watching an interview with benedito (check an expert in the next post) and there benedito said that he had also earlier heard rumours about the 'commission for sale ronaldinho' story, saying "that although i don't trust laporta too much, he must have some evidence if he accusses rosell from something so serious". and he also added: "that was not the only rumour i heard about him".

    could be two exciting months ahead... but let's hope at least we get elections otherwise this blog would have an anti-climax. although i know someone who wouldn't mind that too much...

  7. Maybe some sexual videos with prostitutes? or Soma audio files that involve Rosell in Ronaldinho's Chelsea transfer ? or both ?

    I know that, at less, one of above it is true. Do you Know which one it is ?


  8. For what I ve heard they have some videos with sex, but who cares about it? Anyhow, I am not fan of Rossell, not a cleas guy. I will certainly give my vote to Benedito, the only one who looks serious and honest.

  9. Barça's spy movie goes on, nothing new on the world. I don't think there is anything about this, but I think that Sandro should seek some bodyguards because the game will be dirty

  10. if rosell withdrew, then who would compete with ferer?

  11. Bendito is still around and maybe Rexach will run.

  12. pep g should be the surprise candidate. or soriano..yeah he could change his mind. hes right we so need tranquility.