Sunday, April 4, 2010

Rosell preparing bid for Cesc

British tabloid The Daily Mail claims that Barcelona presidential candidate and former Barcelona sports vice-president Sandro Rosell is preparing a bid of 56 million euros to sign Arsenal midfielder Cesc Fàbregas in the summer.

Rosell would always have maintained excellent relations with Cesc, whose contract with the English Premier League club expires in 2014, as well as with his family, and securing the transfer of the former Barcelona youth player would strengthen his bid for the presidency.

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  1. I cant understand why those rumors continue.this Cesc transfer is impossible this summer and it is not needed even.I dont want Rosell to get an advantage for rumors that will turn out to be wrong.I have a feeling that Rosell is the man behing this rumor.

  2. that's too much money!better spend it on renewing contracts and keeping important players and la masia

  3. we need a good rock solid defender(pyuol is getting old mind u),a striker whose have excellent finshing(better than ibrahimovic),and a right back(back up of alves)

  4. we don't really need another cm.
    we only need a lw.