Friday, April 9, 2010

Benedito says he will also run in next elections

Barcelona presidential candidate Agustí Benedito [picture, on the right] has said in an interview with Catalan local television station Teletaxi TV that he, no matter what happens in the upcoming presidential elections, will certainly take part in the next vote that in theory will take place in 2016:

"It was a hard decision for us to participate in these elections. There are a lot of people involved, a lot of money, a lot of energy, it's all very complicated. We made the decision because we had the certainty that our model for the club wasn't the same as that of the other two main candidacies.

And I will tell you something that I maybe shouldn't tell. It's possible that I won't win the elections and it might depend on others who at this moment have more chances to win. But the confidence we have in our program for Barça is so big that if we are not able to win now, we will defend it at the next elections. That's also why we're not interested in pacts. We have a long-term vision."

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  1. Benedito for president!

  2. I will also vote for Benedito, he is the man

  3. Let's see if he gets the signatures first before making such promises.

    By the way Pep, I watched the BBC documentary again and saw Soriano, Ingla, Rosell, Goddal and Ferrer. However, I can't say I saw Benedito in the documentary. Is he in the documentary?

  4. it's perfectly possible that he wasn't in it because he was never a member of the board of directors, while the documentary focuses on the board.

    i watched it again a couple of months ago (when he had already announced to run) and i didn't see him either (although i didn't really look for him either).

    side-note: i think he didn't yet have his beard back then, so we could have over-looked him...

    and you discovered something new while watching it again?

  5. Well I always watch it before every Clasico and you can see from it that Ferrer always seemed to be the one fighting for more respect and better treatment. Goddal seemed to be the silent guy in the back ground. What I did love was Rosell saying the club should be run like a dictatorship (lol, guess as long he is involved in the dictatorship) and how Ferrer was trying to get Rosell to be involved in a discussion over who has control in football matters - txiki and rijkaard only or more?

    I tried to see if Benedito was in it even without the beard but didn't notice him. I thought he was a member of the board.

    Still an interesting video to watch after all these years though. Wonder if BBC will do another one for the new presidency?

  6. no news on that last remark. and yeah, i also noticed the scene with ferrer and rosell because that wasn't the ferrer i knew from his public appearances.

    and benedito was part of the social and sports commissions but not of the board. check the official page on the club's commissions here: