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Ingla preparing his election campaign

Spanish news agency EFE claims that former Barcelona marketing and sports vice-president Marc Ingla has given a new impulse to his candidacy for the presidency for FC Barcelona during a dinner with members of his team on Thursday evening (read more here).

Ingla would at this moment be finalizing his board team, his campaign program and his logos. Although the exact date hasn't yet been chosen, the ex-director would soon publicly announce that he will run for president.

A source close to Ingla is quoted by the news agency as saying: "When he will make the step forward, the whole campaign machine will be up and running and with options to win the elections. It will be a winning bid."

Ingla would now also be holding talks with prominent people of the Catalan society and in the world of politics and economy to present them his project and to hear about their opinion on his plans.

Former Barcelona economic vice-president Ferran Soriano would for now be supporting Ingla in the background although it is reportedly not totally excluded that he could get a more important role in the future.

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Cubells: "The basket section needs autonomy"

Barcelona board secretary Josep Cubells, the director responsible for Barcelona's basketball section, gave an interview to Catalan sports paper Sport.

What is the philosophy behind the success of the basketball team?
Winning is important but it's also important to have fun and to make sure that the fans have their references, that they are familiar with the team. I have learned something of the history of the section, of Serra, of Aito, of Pesic [all three former coaches] and I have put in place the guidelines that I think are the best. A mixed philosophy of entertainment and competitiveness. We have a model and a planning.

Give me an example...
To not change players during the season. This should only happen in exceptional circumstances, like in case of a serious injury or a unique player being available on the market.

The next elections can change the course of the basketball section?
The current model is a model that has been strengthened by the president and the board and that I have adapted to. The basket section has had a considerable autonomy and that must stay this way in the future. The section should be given a different treatment and have its own structure - with people who have expertise in this area - to maintain and increase the level. Economically, we have to make the sections as profitable as possible, although its existence on its own already helps the prestige of the club.

The Palau has clearly become too small and this could lead to future problems regarding being able to compete at the highest level...
We are looking at the technical issues, we're planning but we do not know when the new Palau will be ready. I would think in a year or two after the old one has been demolished. And it is clear that the basket section will have to lead this project.

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Rexach still thinking about running for president

Asked about the rumours former Barcelona player and coach Carles Rexach would join the candidacy set up by ex-candidates Josep Maria Minguella and Jordi Medina and headed by Catalan businessman Santiago Salvat (read more here), Minguella has said in an interview with Catalan radio station RAC1 that Rexach didn't yet make a final decision:

"I can't say anything, it's him who should make a decision. Charly is welcome because he's a nice person who appeals to the Barcelona fans but he should make the decision. Someone has told him that he could head a candidacy and he's free to do what he wants. Whatever he does, I will support him, although I think both for him as for us it would be good to team up."

In an interview with Catalan radio station Catalunya Ràdio had earlier already explained that Rexach is still considering the possibility of running for president himself in upcoming elections which will be held on Sunday 13 June:

"The situation of Charly is very complex because he got involved in Facebook, which has led to some major doubts about what to do since he got the support of over 5.000 members. But how many of those are club members? Those are 5.000 perople who are clicking - or how do you call that - but the important thing is to know how many members there are between them.

Charly is of course important in the entourage of the club, he can atttract votes, but first he should make a decision. I would never reject him, on the contrary, I offer Charly to join me because I think it's a good guy and I would want to have him at my side. But he will decide.

I think that someone is driving him a bit crazy, saying that he has a chance, that they will promote him, that he will win and all that, which makes that he is now in doubt and didn't yet make a decision. I've read that he has said that this week will be decisive. We'll see."

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Godall has offered his resignation

Catalan sports paper El Mundo Deportivo claims that Barcelona first vice-president Alfons Godall has offered his resignation as director of FC Barcelona.

Because he doesn't want to cause any unrest that could affect the sporting teams (read more here), Godall has reportedly not written a formal resignation letter to Barcelona president Joan Laporta but has informed Barcelona board secretary Josep Cubells and Barcelona chief executive Joan Oliver about his position.

Godall, who would only have spoken incidentally with Laporta since the latter decided to support the candidacy of Barcelona assets vice-president Jaume Ferrer (read more here), would not return to the club anymore to assist matches or board meetings and would not take part in any way in the upcoming presidential elections.

On his Facebook page, Godall has meanwhile confirmed the story: "Although it is true, it's not a good thing that what Miquel Rico [spanish journalist] has published comes out... I repeat that once the sporting teams have finished their competition, I will give my version of what has happened and I will also give my opinion about the elections and the candidates that may take part. As for now, let's go for all the trophies we can still win!"

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Benedito: "We're not choosing a sports director"

Barcelona presidential candidate Agustí Benedito gave an interview to Spanish football site Madrid-Barcelona.

I'm going to read a few of your phrases: "I present myself as the third way between the ego-centred and arrogant continuism of Ferrer and the galactic temptation of a still unknown project of Rosell". Ferrer is arrogant and a puppet?
That phrase is not accurate. On Monday 22 March I made some statements in which I defined myself as an alternative for the arrogant continuism. At that time, the continuism was headed by mister Godall.

That phrase can be applied to Ferrer?
I think that Ferrer has a way of acting that is different from that of Godall and that of Laporta.

A better one?
Certainly less arrogant.

And what do you mean when you talk about "the galactic temptation of a still unknown project of Rosell"? That if Sandro Rosell becomes president he is going to turn into our Florentino and to make a galactic Barça?
What I say is that, first, we don't know anything about the project and because of that we speak by intuition. In my case I speak based on the knowledge I have of some members of his team, because I know some of those people for many years. I have indeed the feeling that his model will come closer to that of Real Madrid.

Another phrase of yours: "We must put a very, very high barrier between the Barça of all of us and the private business interests of a few people". Are you referring to Rosell? To Ferrer? To both of them?
In my opinion we're touching a really important issue here. I think that - based on the intuition in case of Rosell, and on my knowledge in case of the continuity project - it is more than ever important that we establish this principle and this concept. I have the impression that it is necessary to raise that barrier, because I think there is some confusion.

You have also said: "My choice is different from the project of change that emerges from resentment or a bitter confrontation". Does that mean that you are saying that Rosell is angry, looking for the confrontation with Laporta and therefore not objective?
I argue that the general interest of the club must be above any ego. I have the feeling that these two projects that are taking part in the elections, that of the continuism and that of Rosell, do not meet this requirement. I have the feeling that there is a battle of egos that seems more important than the interests of the club, that there is resentment involved that comes from years ago. That's my perception of things.

You have also described the model of Rosell as "a project that comes from a very exclusive sector of the club, an option that is closely linked to business opportunities in the sports industry and that is distanced from the ways of behaving at this club and this country". What I see is that your 'cannon-shots' are basically directed towards Rosell. Is that because he's the candidate you are most afraid of?
In the speech to which you refer I equally talked about the continuism and about Sandro Rosell. I totally agree with what you've just read now. I admit that at this moment Rosell is the best positioned candidate in the polls. Therefore, he is to some degree the man to beat.

Rosell was responsible for the signing of Ronaldinho. Do you think that the knowledge and the contacts you have in the world of football can have an influence on the members when voting?
I don't know. A few days ago, a journalist told me that I was facing a man who knows a lot about football, who dominates the Brazilian market, who has a profound knowledge of the transfer market... In the end I told him: "Hey, we're not choosing a sports director, we're choosing a president."

this was the second part of this interview. you can read the first part here. you will be able to read the third and last part in the coming days with benedito talking - among other things - about barcelona president joan laporta and the election campaign.

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[2003] Assembly will decide on election date

source: la vanguardia, friday 18 april 2003, page 45

The members of Barça will decide the 5th of May on the election calendar

Reyna calls a general assembly to clarify the future of the club

Tired of the speculation, the rumours and the fact that his word and his own legitimacy as president has been called into question, Enric Reyna decided yesterday to counter-attack and put the ball in the court of the delegates of FC Barcelona, who should clarify the future of the governance of the club.

That will happen on the 5th of May, the date chosen by the board of directors to hold an extraordinary general assembly in which the calendar of the upcoming elections for the presidency will be discussed.

Reyna leaves the decision on whether to have elections and when is the best time to have them in the hands of the club members, although yesterday he expressed his hope that they will take place "at the latest in the month of July," and repeated his commitment to maintain "a scrupulous neutrality in the electoral process, in which I will not take part."

All this provided that the assembly decides that there must be elections before the end of the season because Reyna did not reject or shut the door for the possibility that the delegate opt for the continuity of the current board that he heads until the end of the mandate - in July 2005 - or that the elections would be delayed for a few months.

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Ferrer asks Sala i Martin to join him

Asked about his role in the upcoming elections after the candidacy he was part of has withdrawn (read more here), Barcelona treasurer Xavier Sala i Martín has said that he's thinking about a proposal made by Barcelona vice-president Jaume Ferrer to join his candidacy:

"I don't yet know what I will do and I don't know when I will make a decision. I have an offer of Jaume Ferrer to take part in the elections but I didn't yet decide if i will join him because he has to explain me his program and who are the people of his team.

I think it's crucial that the model continues. The system of Barça has worked well, I have liked it a lot to be one of the fathers of the system and if it's guaranteed that the model continues, I will get involved. If the continuity is not guaranteed, I won't do it."

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Rosell candidacy rejects Foster project

In a statement on his personal blog, Jordi Cardoner, one of the members of the board team of Barcelona presidential candidate Sandro Rosell, has said that their candidacy does not support the renewal of the Camp Nou stadium according to the plan presented in 2007 by British architect Norman Foster:

"What the stadium really needs is what is usually understood by 'paint and body work', that is upgrading the facilities, improving the access, mobility, ramps, lifts, toilets, bars, restaurants, parking spots... But we do not need the million light bulbs of Mr. Foster or to take on a mortgage for the next 50 years.

We propose a new Camp Nou, because we like our stadium a lot and also because it is already a part of our history, the history of Barça. We want the stadium of the past century (1957) with the comfort of this century (2010). Moreover, we need to reduce the spending from 250 to 50 million euros."

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Ferrer: "What is working should not be touched"

Barcelona assets vice-president and presidential candidate Jaume Ferrer gave an interview to Catalan newspaper El Periódico.

Do you feel comfortable with the label of continuity candidate?
I don't know if that's the right word. I feel comfortable with the idea that my model is the one that has been used until today. The sports model, with as climax the six trophies; the economic model, of not spending more than you receive; and the social model, improving the services for the club member. And I am pleased that almost all board colleagues are at my side.

So the only thing that changes is the face of the president?
Basically, what changes is the way of doing things. The president has had an important role, but now there are other needs and the focus should again be on the players and the coaches. We each have our way of being and so it's normal that there would be a change of style. I think that the president has to comply with his obligations while at the same time being discreet. But the really important thing is that the club is functioning and in that sense we will change almost nothing. We shouldn't take any risks by new proposals of which we do not know where they will lead us. That is the message we want to give to the club member. That this is the model. That what is working should not be touched.

Laporta has changed his mind and now he supports you after having neglected you. How do you think the club member looks at these swings?
Godall and I each decide to be a candidate and that caused a split. The president chooses to support his close friend. When Godall withdraws, it is understandable that the president supports the candidacy that brings together the vast majority of the board and that maintains the same model.

But you and Laporta have lived very difficult moments.
Yes, they are things that happen. From day one there have been discussions but in the end this also helps you to improve. But my goal is to work hard and to divide the least as possible.

The support of Laporta is a plus?
Yes, because many of the things that have been done are linked to the president, and that is something the club members will take into account. Positive messages always add up, and those of the president of FC Barcelona even more.

After the spying scandal or the support of Laporta for Godall, you based your decision not to resign on the sense of responsibility. Do you think people will understand that message and not think that you wanted to stay at all cost?
The easy thing in a difficult situation is to step down and to write a book. The hardest thing is to stay at the club, to hold on and to continue working for the good of the club. Barça is more important than my personal image. There have been times when my body was asking to let everything go, but my sense of responsibility has prevailed.

What kind of campaign do you foresee? Will it be a one-on-one with Rosell?
That is one of the possibilities, but we must respect all those who want to form a candidacy. But at this moment the club member is interested in the next league game and in the Champions League. We have many possibilities in the two competitions, we are also in the Final Four in basketball, in the European quarter-finals in handball, in the final with six in roller hockey... It can be an excellent year.

this was the first part of this interview. you can read the second part here.

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Benedito introduces campaign fundraising

Barcelona presidential candidate Agustí Benedito has yesterday at noon launched his new campaign website on which the candidacy introduces the concept of fundraising, requesting donations from individuals, with a message on the site that reads:

"The campaign for the election of Agustí Benedito as president of FC Barcelona is financed in an open, participatory and transparent way. Your donation is essential to the campaign. Joined with that of many others this will allow the candidacy to continue to convince people and add support to the project of renewal. That is why we ask you to make a contribution of 20€."

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[2003] Bassat considering shirt sponsorship

source: el mundo deportivo, thursday 17 april 2003, page 59

Bassat would sell the Mini

He would do it if the debt of the club is 180 million euros and he did not exclude to advertise a sponsor on the shirts

Lluís Bassat, the future candidate for president of Barça, is concerned by the bad financial situation of the club and, as he said yesterday on Ràdio Barcelona, he has been thinking about solutions to clean up the finances. "If it is true that the debt is 30.000 million pesetas (180 million euros), there is no alternative but to sell the Miniestadi. But if we sell 10.000 square metres, we should buy 100.000 cheaper square metres at another place."

He also didn't rule out to put advertising on the shirt: "If there is no other option, of course. But now they give us 800 millions a year and Barcelona loses 8.000 each season. What I do exclude is to turn the club into a public company. Except at Manchester, where it works, it is not a good solution. Barça should always belong to the club members."

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Alexis Plaza presents his candidacy for president

At a press conference at the Fira Palace hotel in Barcelona earlier today, 27-years old Catalan hotel executive Alexis Plaza has officially confirmed that he will run for president of Barcelona in the elections that will be held on Sunday 13 June:

"I present myself as candidate for president of FC Barcelona in 2010 with the desire of representing the young people and to unite all Barcelona fans in the same dream. We think that we are the present and the future of the club. We want to build our tomorrow.

We ask people for their trust - as happens with the youth players - to be able to collect the fruits of our efforts in a not too distant future. Our project has something that makes us different: we're young people and this group has never been represented by a board. We are the ones who have the most dreams for Barça and don't see the club as a business.

All groups of supporters should be welcome at the Camp Nou if there is no violence. We do not agree with all that has happened to Laporta. But if they behave well and follow certain rules of conduct, they are welcome. We have a lot groups that arescattered, like the Boix Nois, Sang Culé and Almogàvers, and we want to unite all of them at a single area of the stadium.

We have an initial budget of 2.000 euros, but sufficient resources to obtain the necessary signatures and to participate until the end. We know it won't be easy but we are ready. To collect the signatures, you have to convince the club members, you don't have to buy anything. We can show that we can improve the economic situation of Barcelona."

After studies in Switzerland and a first working experience in London, Alexis Plaza is currently an executive at the Le Méridien hotel in the centre of Barcelona. His great grandfather, Pere Marcet, was one of the founding members of FC Barcelona in 1899 and a board member of the club from 1919 until 1922.

Alexis Plaza is a club member of Barcelona for 25 years and has been a ball boy at the Camp Nou. He is at this moment active at the foundation of FC Barcelona and a member of the association of former players. Ahead of this election, he started
the 'Somni Blaugrana' [Blaugrana Dream] project.

The mother of Plaza is currently married to Welsh national team manager and former football player John Benjamin Toshack, who assisted today's press conference [picture below] and has in the past been in charge of several Spanish teams, among which Real Madrid.

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[picture below:]

Poll Voting Intentions: Two Months Before

This is the final result of this blog's Who would you vote for in the elections for president of FC Barcelona poll?

Sandro Rosell 50,4%
Jaume Ferrer 22,8%
Agusti Benedito 13,4%
Jaume Guixa 3,2%

Someone else 3,9%
Don't know/Don't answer 6,3%

compare with the results of february and march

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Soriano will support candidacy Ingla

Catalan sports paper El Mundo Deportivo claims that former Barcelona marketing and sports vice-president Marc Ingla will hold this evening a dinner with his team of collaborators in which the structure of his candidacy for the presidency of FC Barcelona will be finalized (read more here).

Former Barcelona economic vice-president Ferran Soriano, who decided not to run for president at the end of last month (read more here), would support Ingla during the campaign. This is confirmed by Catalan sports papers Sport and El 9 Esportiu, with the first claiming that Soriano might be part of the board team of Ingla.

El 9 Esportiu claims that Ingla has been working hard on the pre-candidacy of Soriano and would now feel capable of leading that project himself. Over the past months, Ingla would have held meetings with important Catalan businessman and reportedly thinks he has the support and the experience needed to run for president.

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The Quote: Jaume Ferrer

"I don't think Guardiola should become the Ferguson of Barcelona."

Jaume Ferrer,
Barcelona vice-president and presidential candidate

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Rosell will have two or three women in his board

Speaking at a conference in Andorra, Barcelona presidential candidate Sandro Rosell has said that there will be at least two women in his board team: "My list will include 20 people, two or three of which will be women and one of them will be treasurer."

A few weeks ago it was confirmed that the treasurer would become Susana Monje, the 37-year old chief executive of the Essentium Group, a holding that includes companies that are active in several sectors, among which raw construction materials, renewable energy and real estate development (read more here).

Several reports over the past months have assured that another woman in the board would be
Pilar Guinovart [picture, front row, on the right], assistant of the chairman and head of institutional relations of the guild of restaurant owners of Barcelona. Guinovart would be part of the social area (read more here).

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[2003] Uncertainty about election date

source: el mundo deportivo, wednesday 16 april 2003, page 14

A sector of the board wants elections in April 2004

Reyna met with his vice-presidents and informed them of a secret plan to 'bring forward the end of the current mandate'

The keys:
1. Two vice-presidents showed their disagreement and have decided not to continue beyond 30 June
2. It is not clear if the rest of the board shares the opinion of the president
3. It would require a legal advice and a 'miracle' to control the social tension

Cambra: "The board will leave at the end of the season"

Vice-president Sixte Cambra confirmed yesterday that the presidential elections will be held at the end of the season, but without specifying a particular day. "The board will put an end to its era when the current season ends. When Joan Gaspart resigned it was already said that the board would resign at the end of the season and that there would be elections", Cambra said, adding that "the board is entitled to end the mandate and voluntarily announce the resignation by the end of the current season."

The vice-president is annoyed about the doubts regarding the decision to be taken by Reyna and stressed that the criticism by the absence of a date for the elections is unfair, because "no one ever talked about the month or the day, it was only said that they would be held at the end of the season." Cambra said that "the electoral debate should start when the date of the vote is announced".

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Ferrer invites Godall and Sala to join him

Speaking at a seminar at the Pompeu Fabra university in Barcelona yesterday, Barcelona assets vice-president and presidential candidate Jaume Ferrer has invited Barcelona first vice-president and former presidential candidate Alfons Godall and Barcelona treasurer Xavier Sala i Martín to join his candidacy:

"Alfons Godall and Xavier Sala were people who have given a lot for their pre-candidacy. I respect them a lot. Alfons is an honest man and a big Barcelona fan. I respect his decision to withdraw. He must still be in the process of repositioning himself, but if he wants, the door is open to join our team.

And the same goes for Sala i Martín, although I understand that he is thinking about what he wants to do, that he has many doubts and that he is taking some time to analyze things. But if he wants to participate in the management of the club, we would be delighted and we will welcome him."

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Rexach will participate in the elections

In his weekly column in Catalan sports paper El Mundo Deportivo, former Barcelona player and coach Carles Rexach has said that he will be involved in the electoral process:

"I will certainly take part in the elections, although I cannot reveal in which way, if it will be as head of the list, leading a project, or as member of a candidacy assuming certain concrete functions. This week is crucial to solve all the questions. I will intensify the contacts and make a final decision.

The only thing I can advance is that I will participate and I am happy about that, especially because of all those members and fans who have asked me through Facebook or in person when we crossed on the street to do something. I am very happy with so many expressions of support and I hope to not disappoint them no matter what my role will be. Thank you all."

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The Quote: Election expert

"The tactics of the group of Rosell is based on the belief that it will be very difficult for him to climb even more in the polls. Therefore, it makes sense to 'hide' until the day of the official presentation of his pre-candidacy. He has no need to make himself known through the media, as Ferrer, Benedito or Guixà do have."

Unidentified election expert

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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Benedito: "I do not feel bitter"

Barcelona presidential candidate Agustí Benedito gave an interview to Spanish football site Madrid-Barcelona.

Do you have enough money to deposit the bank guarantee?
To be president of Barça one must meet certain requirements without which one cannot hold the office. As I intend to be president, I will meet the requirement of depositing a bank guarantee for 15% of the budget, which is 56 million euros, in case of victory. I do not have to do that alone but jointly with the 15 members of the list.

You worked side by side with president Laporta when you founded the 'Elefant Blau' to overthrow president Núñez. When Laporta was elected as president in 2003, how were you rewarded for your efforts?
I worked together for many years with Laporta and with many other people, even before the vote of no confidence and the 'Elefant Blau'. When Laporta called me to join his team eight months before the elections, I was not able to accept and I refused the offer. Since he has been president of Barça, he never asked me to be a member of the board.

That should make you feel bitter...
No. We spent seven years working together, also with other people, and I've been working with him for five years and nine months in the club.

But is not the same to be in the club than to be a director or vice-president and have all the privileges. You must be bitter for that reason.
I can assure you that I am not bitter and all the people who worked with me during that time will confirm this. I understand that for many people this is perhaps a crucial issue but not in my case. I have worked as hard as I could for a project in which I believed and in which I still believe and my specific role is absolutely of minor importance. I am satisfied with having been able to take part in that project, while at the same time disappointed of not having been able to fully execute it.

Were you surprised when the law firm of Laporta got involved in the purchase of Mallorca by someone of Uzbekistan? Were you surprised?
I was surprised and I would almost say that I was shocked. In fact, when I heard about it, I left the club. Never before, I've had any certainty or evidence of an unethical or illegal behaviour by Laporta. Never. And when I have the first proof, which was given to me by he himself, I left.

And right now, don't you think it's strange that he is trying for mister Ferrer to be his successor at Barça so that things can stay the same and possible irregularities at the club cannot be discovered?
As for the choice for continuity he defends, I think that to some extent it is actually normal. It makes sense that he wants people he trusts to continue because he must believe in his club model and his way of managing. Therefore, it is normal that his preferred option is to have people he believes in developing it further in the future. That there would be other motives and he's trying to shield off other things? That is also possible.

And as a result of all this, the person he supports could be a puppet manipulated by him?
Well, we will see what will happen and who will in the end be the person who will represent this project. Until a few days ago, it seemed to be someone else. Today it seems that it is mister Jaume Ferrer. Let's wait and see...

this was the first part of this interview. you will be able to read the following parts in the coming days with benedito talking - among other things - about the projects of jaume ferrer and sandro rosell.

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Santiago Salvat is Minguella-Medina candidate

Catalan sports paper sport RAC 1 claims that Santiago "Yago" Salvat will run for president of FC Barcelona in the upcoming elections. The news has meanwhile been confirmed by other media.

Salvat would head the list of the project that has been set up by former presidential candidates Josep Maria Minguella and Jordi Medina (read more here), who have both agreed with the appointment of Salvat as candidate.

A source of the candidacy told Spanish news agency EFE: "A few months ago we got to know each other and in the end he is very motivated and willing to do this. We will all give him our support and he will be presented to the public after the game against Inter next week."

Santiago Salvat, who is 38 years old and a club member for around 25 years and whose family founded in the 19th century the
Salvat Editores publishing house in Barcelona, has several business activities, mostly related to marketing and consultancy.

Salvat is
managing partner and marketing and financial director of pr and communication agency Pendulum, partner and member of the board of real estate consultant Bruch and owner and general manager of marketing agency Excelsior. Since this month, he is also a member of the board of directors of portfolio management company Interlaken.

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[2003] Nunez could take part in the elections

source: el mundo deportivo, tuesday 15 april 2003, page 13

"Cruyff, our best ambassador"

Martinez-Rovira suggests to "make use of his prestige"

Pre-candidate Joseph Martínez-Rovira said yesterday in a radio program that "for me, Cruyff would be the best ambassador for Barça. He has a great reputation and Barcelona should take advantage of that."

Martínez-Rovira also explained that "the motivational studies carried out among club members show they want a president with a profile that contains the following characteristics: proven management skills, huge Barcelona fan, will for transparency, ethics and a guarantee of doing a good job."

As to the first team, "I like a core of homegrown players and the rest should be Spanish or European. There's no need to go to Brazil or Argentina and to pay a lot of millions."

Núñez could jump into the ring

According to 'Torna Núñez', that has already collected 13.000 signatures

The 'Torna Núñez' [Núñez Returns] platform claims to have already collected 13.000 signatures, which could lead them to formally present his candidacy on the day of Barça-Real Sociedad that is scheduled for the last weekend of April.

A spokesman for 'Torna Núñez' also said that the former Barcelona president, whom the group admires, would be willing to run. If Josep Lluís Núñez would in the end enter the pre-electoral process, the latter may be distorted due to the importance of the former number one.

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Rexach could join Minguella-Medina candidacy

Spanish news agency EFE claims that former Barcelona presidential candidates Josep Maria Minguella [picture, on the right] and Jordi Medina [picture, on the left] will in the coming days present their joint candidacy for the presidency of FC Barcelona. Both would have confirmed this to the news agency.

On Wednesday, the electoral council of the candidacy would meet to establish the calendar to follow in the coming weeks, with one of the main events being the presentation of the person who will in the end lead the candidacy.

The candidate of the project would be a 39-year old businessman from the communication sector, who has studied in the United States and who has family ties with a former board member of the club. The candidacy would appear in public in the coming week.

Sources of the Minguella-Medina project also told the news agency that former Barcelona player and coach Carles Rexach, who was considering to head a list himself (read more here), could in the end join this candidacy.

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The Quote: Sandro Rosell

"The nomination of Johan Cruyff as honorary president? I will pass on that one."

Sandro Rosell,
Barcelona presidential candidate

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Monday, April 12, 2010

Young Barcelona fans setting up candidacy

Spanish news agency Europa Press claims that a group of young Barcelona club members, headed by Alexis Plaza, has decided to take part in the elections for president of FC Barcelona later this year with the 'Somni Blaugrana' [Blaugrana Dream] project, that would include 21 people between 25 and 30 years old.

Sources of the candidacy told the news agency: "The intention of the project is to bring the club closer to the youngest club members. We are now focusing on getting the necessary signatures and we're optimistic about that because we're getting the support of many members and non-members. We don't believe that the profile of the other candidates appeals to young people."

The 'Somni Blaugrana' candidacy would be lead by Alexis Plaza, a 27-year old economist who is active in several organizations of the entourage of the club. Plaza is said to be the grandson of one of the founders of FC Barcelona.

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Ingla has decided to run for president

Catalan sports paper El Mundo Deportivo claims that former Barcelona marketing and sports vice-president Marc Ingla has decided to run for president of FC Barcelona in the elections on 13 June.

Ingla, who reportedly has been in contact with political and social actors over the past weeks, would not plan to publicly announce his candidacy soon but would already be working on the practical organization of his campaign.

Sources close to the future candidate are mentioned as saying that several of the seven directors - Albert Vicens, Ferran Soriano, Xavier Cambra, Antoni Rovira, Clàudia Vives-Fierro, Evarist Murtra and Josep Lluís Vilaseca - who left the club at the same time as Ingla in 2008 could join his project.

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Poll: Who would you vote for?

Soriano awaiting election events

Asked if he could be part of a candidacy in the elections for president of FC Barcelona, former Barcelona economic vice-president Ferran Soriano has repeated in an interview with Catalan radio station Catalunya Ràdio that he cannot exclude the option:

"I haven't planned that, but anything can happen. What I can tell you is that it won't be me who will set up that candidacy.

Things are changing rapidly these days and a candidacy can be set up quickly. In the elections of 2003, I was campaign director and we presented the candidacy on 14 May, while the elections were on 15 June, so only one month before.

I have already said this several times but I promise that I will certainly participate. And participating means that at the least I will give my opinion because I have learnt a lot during my time at Barça and I might return to the club one day. Now, in six years or in twelve years.

Do I have a favourite candidate? No, because there aren't candidates yet, only pre-candidates and we need to wait and see until people explain what they want to do. The feeling I have is that people are waiting for an candidacy of tranquility, an option that isn't agressive, isn't rough but is calm, which is what Barça needs.

Maybe in 2003 the club needed something else, a kind of revolution, but now the club needs tranquility, normal people who don't want to be in the centre of the media attention, who don't criticize just to criticize. And I hope there will be a candidate that will deserve my support."

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The Quote: Albert Perrin

"I think there won't be elections. And not because of pacts between candidates."

Albert Perrín,
Barcelona institutional vice-president

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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Laporta blocks transfer plans Rosell

Catalan sports paper Sport claims that Barcelona president Joan Laporta has already closed two transfer deals for the summer and would that way make impossible the plan of Barcelona presidential candidate Sandro Rosell to announce signings ahead of the elections in June.

A Barcelona vice-president is quoted as saying: "Sandro Rosell will not be able to announce his candidacy with a transfer because Laporta has already verbal agreements with two players who will arrive before 30 June. So Sandro will have to wait two years to sign someone if he in the end wins the presidency of Barcelona."

The paper claims that one of the two players involved is Arsenal midfielder Cesc Fàbregas (22). The second player would be Inter Milan forward Mario Balotelli (19 - picture) or Valencia forward David Villa (28). Barcelona manager Josep Guardiola would like all three players.

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Ferrer: "Barcelona is a Catalan club"

Barcelona presidential candidate Jaume Ferrer gave an interview to Catalan local radio station Radio Cabrera and Catalan online sports paper Yoya.

You recently said about mister Sala i Martin that he was the reason of the division in the board, because mister Laporta changed his preferences in choosing his successor. What happened?
Xavier Sala became part of the board of directors because president Joan Laporta asked this to us and it's true that after his entrance there were some disagreements in the board. Mainly about how we should deal with the 2010 elections. But I accept it as something normal, everyone should do what they think is best for Barça. So I guess I have nothing more to say, I think I've already talked enough about this subject.

What do you think about Rosell and this attitude of hiding and avoiding to make statements?
Everybody knows mister Rosell and we all know that he intends to stand for election so there's no need for him to say anything until the elections are officially called. He must know for himself how he wants to approach the club member, if that is by talking or not talking. I have in any case a lot of respect for mister Rosell.

Which impulses do you plan to give the club, if you're elected as president, that are linked to the globalization of football?
We must continue with this project. In the sports area, we have to make sure we evolve but we have the best players and team in the world. We want a competitive team to continue the successes of recent years. And to have the best team and the best players in the world, the economic issue is crucial. We need to have enough revenues, profits and cash flow. We will remodel the stadium, build a new Palau, the sports centre for the non-professional sports sections and the sports city for the fans in Viladecans, which we could also export to other places in the world, like Miami, Shanghai or Abu Dhabi. That will have an impact on the club revenues. Given the current state of the world of football, we want to have revenues between 800 and 1.000 million euros in six years.

What role would Laporta have during your presidency? You would offer him a post of representing the club at the international level as has been commented by Godall?
When Laporta ends his mandate on 30 June, he will be the ex-president of Barcelona and he will be treated as such, with the utmost respect. He has to decide himself what he wants to do, but he might re-orientate his life in such a way that he will not have the time or the will to work for Barça.

Would it be possible that a representative chosen by the fan clubs becomes part of the board of directors without having the right to vote?
To become a member of the board of directors you have to take part in the elections, which includes electoral expenses, and you have to put down a very high bank guarantee. There are other formulas to inform the fan clubs and there's no need to have a person within the board of directors. Because then we should also give a place to many other groups that ask that. A person from outside the board is not really needed unless they come by one day to explain a concrete thing.

What do you think about the relation between Barça and politics and the show set up by mister Laporta? What will your position be?
From the start, Barcelona has fully identified itself with the Catalan society. Barcelona is a Catalan club and I share this idea. What we shouldn't do is politics, and the president even less, and we also shouldn't use the club for political promotion. Barça should be inclusive, so that a club member in Cadiz feels as comfortable in the club as a member in Barcelona, but without forgetting who we are and where we come from.

How are you organizing the collection of the signatures? Are you optimistic given you will only have around 14 days?
In fact, I think that we will only have 11 or 12 days. It will be difficult because they are very few days. But we will try to set up an organization within the candidacy that allows us to reach as many members as possible, so that if someone wants to give us his signature, we at least ican get to him so he can give it. We are optimistic but we will have to work hard to get more than 2.000 signatures.

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Where did the candidates watch the Clasico?

Barcelona presidential candidate Sandro Rosell watched yesterday's league game against Madrid at the isle of Majorca, where he had met with Barcelona fan club members earlier that day. Barcelona vice-president Jaume Ferrer saw the game live at the stadium in Madrid.

Agustí Benedito gathered with his campaign team at the 'Bar Nat' bar in Barcelona [picture below] while Jaume Guixà saw the game together with the Barcelona fan club of which he is the president in Sant Cugat, near Barcelona.

Cartoon 35: Laporta helping Cruyff

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