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[2003] Nunez could take part in the elections

source: el mundo deportivo, tuesday 15 april 2003, page 13

"Cruyff, our best ambassador"

Martinez-Rovira suggests to "make use of his prestige"

Pre-candidate Joseph Martínez-Rovira said yesterday in a radio program that "for me, Cruyff would be the best ambassador for Barça. He has a great reputation and Barcelona should take advantage of that."

Martínez-Rovira also explained that "the motivational studies carried out among club members show they want a president with a profile that contains the following characteristics: proven management skills, huge Barcelona fan, will for transparency, ethics and a guarantee of doing a good job."

As to the first team, "I like a core of homegrown players and the rest should be Spanish or European. There's no need to go to Brazil or Argentina and to pay a lot of millions."

Núñez could jump into the ring

According to 'Torna Núñez', that has already collected 13.000 signatures

The 'Torna Núñez' [Núñez Returns] platform claims to have already collected 13.000 signatures, which could lead them to formally present his candidacy on the day of Barça-Real Sociedad that is scheduled for the last weekend of April.

A spokesman for 'Torna Núñez' also said that the former Barcelona president, whom the group admires, would be willing to run. If Josep Lluís Núñez would in the end enter the pre-electoral process, the latter may be distorted due to the importance of the former number one.

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