Sunday, April 11, 2010

Laporta blocks transfer plans Rosell

Catalan sports paper Sport claims that Barcelona president Joan Laporta has already closed two transfer deals for the summer and would that way make impossible the plan of Barcelona presidential candidate Sandro Rosell to announce signings ahead of the elections in June.

A Barcelona vice-president is quoted as saying: "Sandro Rosell will not be able to announce his candidacy with a transfer because Laporta has already verbal agreements with two players who will arrive before 30 June. So Sandro will have to wait two years to sign someone if he in the end wins the presidency of Barcelona."

The paper claims that one of the two players involved is Arsenal midfielder Cesc Fàbregas (22). The second player would be Inter Milan forward Mario Balotelli (19 - picture) or Valencia forward David Villa (28). Barcelona manager Josep Guardiola would like all three players.

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  1. Maybe I'm too tired today but I don't get it. 2 years? Why?

    And these 3 players...
    -Balotelli: Things are going too good, maybe Guardiola wants a new challenge. Seriously, this guy is a great talent but also an overconfident, arrogant prick.
    -Cesc: Buying back our own youth product, the little figo for a ridiculous sum. Unbelievable.
    -Villa: Would be great, but I don't see him leave Valencia for less than €45-50m, and that's too much for a striker who will be 29 soon.

  2. i'm just the translator here, feech... :-)

    maybe there won't be any more funds left. or maybe the source was whispering his secret message and the journalist misunderstood something.

  3. Bullshit. Players do not negotiate contracts before big tournaments but after. Villa and Cesc will be in fight to win WC and if they actually win then their position to negotiate will be far better.
    Plus why would anyone want ti negotiate contract with president who is leaving?

  4. You can have verbal agreements on the basis and fill in the numbers after the tournament. And Laporta can sign players until the 30th of June, so why wouldn't they negotitate with him if their transfer is approved by the coach?

  5. Is Sport pro-Laporta? Because just publication of these reports may be enough to offset any advantage Rosell could gain by announcing transfers.

  6. some say that sport is pro-laporta, kamikaze.

    personally, i don't fully agree with that. i think it's said by [1] people who are not following things closely or [2] people who want to simplify things (mundo deportivo = pro-rosell and sport = pro-laporta) or [3] people who want to deny the claim that rosell has a huge media support by claiming there's some kind of balance in the media, at least regarding the two main sport papers (mundo deportivo = pro-rosell and sport = pro-laporta)

    in no way sport is as pro-laporta as mundo deportivo is pro-rosell. what is true is that the editor and the director of sport can be considered as pro-laporta and that they will not needlessly attack him until the end of his term.

    but there is no strict editorial line the journalists (who - based on the ones i know - are personally mostly pro-rosell) should follow in their daily news reports. their election news is so far quite balanced.

    as someone told me: "sport is just waiting how things go and will then line up with the winner". and the journalist who wrote this particular story is certainly not pro-laporta.

  7. Thanks Pep.

    What do you say about the idea that Laporta is claiming he has transfers in the bag to deflect any advantage Rosell could gain using the same claims? A la Calderon-Cronaldo-Perez.

  8. as far as this particular story is concerned, i don't think there's a lot truth in it. but both laporta and rosell might try something. although i think it's difficult to really seal a major transfer deal before 13 june, even when you're in charge.

  9. I don't see why Guardiola would want both Villa and Balotelli, especially Balotelli he is a cancer in the dressing room. FORZA JUVE (we're rubbish)
    ps is it sad I know watch more barca than juve?

  10. ok let's say laporta does get the transfers, does rosell has a chance at winning the election? without any big transfer?
    is transfer what it's all about? no right?

  11. watching the best football in the world cannot be sad, random juve fan!

  12. Rosell is the favourite barca96 . He is likely to win the elections with or without any transfers.

  13. wow...i thought that the continuity was the favorite..i mean why fix something if it ain't broken..
    why is rosell so popular?