Thursday, April 15, 2010

[2003] Bassat considering shirt sponsorship

source: el mundo deportivo, thursday 17 april 2003, page 59

Bassat would sell the Mini

He would do it if the debt of the club is 180 million euros and he did not exclude to advertise a sponsor on the shirts

Lluís Bassat, the future candidate for president of Barça, is concerned by the bad financial situation of the club and, as he said yesterday on Ràdio Barcelona, he has been thinking about solutions to clean up the finances. "If it is true that the debt is 30.000 million pesetas (180 million euros), there is no alternative but to sell the Miniestadi. But if we sell 10.000 square metres, we should buy 100.000 cheaper square metres at another place."

He also didn't rule out to put advertising on the shirt: "If there is no other option, of course. But now they give us 800 millions a year and Barcelona loses 8.000 each season. What I do exclude is to turn the club into a public company. Except at Manchester, where it works, it is not a good solution. Barça should always belong to the club members."

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