Friday, April 16, 2010

Rosell candidacy rejects Foster project

In a statement on his personal blog, Jordi Cardoner, one of the members of the board team of Barcelona presidential candidate Sandro Rosell, has said that their candidacy does not support the renewal of the Camp Nou stadium according to the plan presented in 2007 by British architect Norman Foster:

"What the stadium really needs is what is usually understood by 'paint and body work', that is upgrading the facilities, improving the access, mobility, ramps, lifts, toilets, bars, restaurants, parking spots... But we do not need the million light bulbs of Mr. Foster or to take on a mortgage for the next 50 years.

We propose a new Camp Nou, because we like our stadium a lot and also because it is already a part of our history, the history of Barça. We want the stadium of the past century (1957) with the comfort of this century (2010). Moreover, we need to reduce the spending from 250 to 50 million euros."

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  1. This is a surprise, given Rosell's vow of silence. Btw, the artwork to depict the refurbished stadium on the Foster website makes it look pretty impressive.

  2. cardoner already said more or less the same a few months ago, but now he has repeated it and added that this is the position of the whole candidacy.

    and how good the artwork may look, i think we will never see this stadium in real... for the gamblers on here: don't put a penny on this project being executed.

  3. Yea it will never get executed , first because it's too expensive and second because it was Laporta's board idea . But it looks good anyway .They all talk about improving the facilities , tiolets , parking and everything , but the stadium should look nice and new from outside too.

  4. i wish they did similar lighting like the Allianze and claret...i can already picture it in my head..