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The Slogan: Alexis Plaza

"It's always better to stand beside a dream"

'Es millor estar del costat d'un somni' is the campaign slogan that will be used Barcelona presidential candidate Alexis Plaza ahead of the elections in June

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Godall: "It's a team project against ego projects"

Barcelona first vice-president Alfons Godall gave an interview to Catalan sports paper El 9 Esportiu.

How do you see Ingla?
With a conciliatory spirit, positive, eager to unite and not exclude anyone, which allows me to reconnect with all the people who worked for my candidacy and see if they want to have a role in this one. In addition, he is very motivated, he is a big Barcelona fan, a football fan, and he has always had the serenity not to let himself be influenced. He has a clear structure of the club in his head and the campaign, the project and the Barça of the future are also very clear to him. He has convinced me. His merit is to have united all of us. Without him, this candidacy would not have been possible. He has contributed to the construction of the current project during the arrival of Pep Guardiola since he was sports vice-president at that time. Both him and all of us want to put our experience at the service of the Barça of the future.

Why did you join the candidacy of Ingla and not the one of Ferrer?
Because one of my main ideas as a candidate was trying to add Soriano and his people to the candidacy. They have had an important role in the developping of the current Barça project. The bases of the 'virtuous circle' were established by Soriano. This economic restructuring was made possible thanks to the work of Marc Ingla who was in charge of merchandising, opening new markets, exploring possibilities, setting new goals, modernizing the club, giving value to the sponsorship of the club and a series of decisions he took. Albert Vicens was able to add prestige, he was a careful director who represented the club with dignity and never wanted to be in the limelight. These are skilled people who know Barça very well and still have a lot left to do.

Laporta and Jaume Ferrer have collided many times because of differences of opinion. Do you think that their candidacy is artificial?
I think it's inconsistent. I cannot believe that Jaume would end up facing Rosell in the elections, because I think they are very similar, both at a personal level as in terms of their entourage. I have always thought that both would difficultly end up being opponents. Besides that, he has now taken up the role of continuist when Laporta had thought about other possibilities before, it all seems inconsistent to me. I have nothing against Jaume. He has been a good fellow board member and he has been there during all those years, but I'm not convinced by his project nor by his campaign team that should materialize a solid project.

But do you think it's at this moment possible that Rosell and Ferrer could make a deal?
Both are part of the entourage of the Pujol-Ferrusola family [jordi pujol is a formar catalan president]. Alejandro Echevarría [former brother-in law of joan laporta] has a role in that group. Albert Perrín too. People, in short, who have the need to feel that they are part of the electoral process, because otherwise, they know that they will be out of the club. What if Ferrer would arrive at the final electoral stage and spend a large budget - because that is needed - to face Rosell, whose entourage is kind of the same... Frankly, I think it is difficult they would be rivals. I think a previous deal is possible.

What is also said is that Jaume Ferrer could end up making a deal with Ingla...
I don't rule out anything. I know that Marc is a person of harmony. But if he joins, it will be to come and support, taking up the role that Mark believes is best for him.

Ingla, Soriano, Vicens and Godall. You are "the four tenors" against two personalities?
Yes, but it won't only be that. It's a team with a candidate. And with interesting people behind. It is important to add new blood. There will be new people with a lot of ideas. It will be the project of a team against individual ego projects. The project of Sandro Rosell is again a self-centred one, in which everything turns around a candidate.

The difference between your candidacy and that of Ferrer is that you both guarantee the model, but that he does it with the support of Laporta and you don't?
Not only that. We recognize the legacy of Laporta. But now we need to talk about the future of Barça. The big difference will be that those who go with Jaume don't have a past in this Barça, they will have been two years or less at the club. While we were at the club since 2003, that is a guarantee of knowledge.

What will your role be?
I want to have an active role and I'm at the disposal of Marc.

If you win, you will again work in the social area?
There will be novelties. We will bring our experience to the table, but also new concepts. I am thinking about making innovative proposals regarding the club members, in terms of new services, new ways of participation...

Based upon your experience as a Barcelona supporter and a director, which two candidacies will end up fighting for the presidency?
Right now I see a bipolarisation Ingla-Rosell.

this was the second and last part of this interview. you can read the first part here.

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interview: ferran correas - ramiro martín-llanos

Rosell adds dentist to board team

Catalan sports paper El Mundo Deportivo claims that Catalan dental entrepreneur Joan Bladé is part of the board team of Barcelona presidential candidate Sandro Rosell that will be presented on Tuesday.

Last Wednesday, Bladé already represented the candidacy of Rosell at a concert organized by an association of Barcelona fans with mobility problems.

Joan Bladé, who has been a member of the social commission of FC Barcelona during the first years of the presidency of Joan Laporta, is the founder of the Doctor Bladé group that has four dental clinics in and around the city of Barcelona.

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Weekly Round-up (21): Transfer talk

Every week an overview of the posts from this blog, written by Xaviniesta, is published on Barcelona news site totalBarca.

Barcelona presidential candidate Sandro Rosell is reportedly concerned that the club could speed up transfer negotiations with targetted players to benefit the candidacy of board candidate Jaume Ferrer.

Reports have recently linked the Catalan club with Arsenal midfielder Cesc Fabregas and Valencia striker David Villa, and it is claimed that Villa, in particular, could be presented before the presidential elections in June.

Rosell was quoted to have said that the rush to close deals could lead to the purchase of these players at inflated prices. He moreover claims that the correct transfer fee for Villa would be between 25 -30 million euro, significantly less than the 40 million reportedly agreed upon with Valencia.

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Salvat talking with fan groups

Catalan sports paper El Mundo Deportivo claims that Barcelona presidential candidate Santiago Salvat contacted Barcelona platform 'Tots Som Barça' last Tuesday. Barcelona news site Eleccions FCB claimed that the platform will support Salvat, who would also have met with other groups of club members.

When this blog asked about the rumoured support to Salvat, 'Tots Som Barça' denied having reached a deal with a candidate: "Tots Som Barça, as a group whose objective is to work in the benefit of FC Barcelona, doesn't give support to any candidacy."

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Friday, May 7, 2010

[Video] Benedito presenting his campaign bus

Barcelona presidential candidate Agustí Benedito presented on Wednesday his campaign bus.

Former Ingla-Soriano colleague part of candidacy

As already reported earlier this week by Catalan sports paper Sport, Catalan businessman Víctor Font [picture, on the left] will be part of the candidacy of former Barcelona marketing and sports vice-president Marc Ingla who will run for president of FC Barcelona in the upcoming elections.

Víctor Font is the 37-year old co-founder and managing partner of advisory and investment firm
Delta Partners that is specialised in telecommmunications, media and technology. Font, who is currently based in Dubai, worked before at consultancy firm DiamondCluster (now Oliver Wyman), together with Marc Ingla and Ferran Soriano.

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Rosell leading in university poll

Catalan sports paper Sport reports that the faculty of communications of the Blanquera university centre has carried out an enquiry regarding the upcoming presidential elections among 400 Barcelona club members in the surroundings of the Camp Nou ahead of the league game against Tenerife on Tuesday.

With 46% of the members not yet having decided on their vote, 65% of the rest said they would vote for Sandro Rosell, 29% for Jaume Ferrer, 3% for Agustí Benedito and 2% for Jaume Guixà. The name of Marc Ingla was not yet included among the options because he only officially presented his candidacy yesterday.

Other data received from the poll indicate that 77% of the club members think that Sandro Rosell will win the elections (22% thinks Ferrer will win), that 89% of the club members wants to go and vote on 13 June and that 40% would vote for current Barcelona president Joan Laporta if he would be able to run again.

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Daughter of Stoichkov joins Plaza candidacy

Catalan sports paper Sport reports that Mikaela Stoichkov [picture, on the right], the daughter of former Barcelona player Hristo Stoichkov, has joined the candidacy of Barcelona presidential candidate Alexis Plaza ahead of the elections that will be held on Sunday 13 June.

Mikaela "Mika" Stoichkov, who knows Alexis Plaza for years, has a sports management degree and is now studying advertising and public relations in Barcelona. She also has her own management and consultancy services company M.S. Management that provides personal assistance services to VIPs related to the world of sports.

Hristo Stoichkov (44) joined Barcelona in the summer of 1990, from CSKA Sofia. Five years later, the Bulgarian striker moved to Italian club Parma but came back the next season. In 1998, he returned to CSKA Sofia. After his retirement, Stoichkov started a coaching career. Last March, he resigned as the manager of South-African club Mamelodi Sundowns.

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The Pic: Four (former) vice-presidents

Barcelona presidential candidate Marc Ingla has yesterday officially presented his candidacy for the presidency of FC Barcelona.

From left to right: former economic vice-president Ferran Soriano, first vice-president Alfons Godall, former marketing and sports vice-president Marc Ingla and former first vice-president Albert Vicens.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

The Slogan: Jaume Ferrer

"To keep on winning"

'Per seguir guanyant' is the new campaign slogan of Barcelona presidential candidate Jaume Ferrer

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Entrepreneur of Asian descent part of Rosell board

Catalan sports paper El Mundo Deportivo claims that Catalan internet entrepreneur Dídac Lee is part of the board team of Barcelona presidential candidate Sandro Rosell that will be presented next Tuesday.

Dídac Lee, a 36-year old Catalan-born businessman of Chinese-Taiwanese descent, is the chief executive of the
Inspirit holding that includes several new technology and software developing companies.

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Godall: "Laporta understands my decision"

Barcelona first vice-president Alfons Godall gave an interview to Catalan sports paper El 9 Esportiu.

Why did you change from being the official continuity candidate to being a member of the candidacy of Marc Ingla?
From the moment I decided to participate in the electoral campaign and the future of the club, it was clear to me that I wanted to build a project with people I fully trust, which meant approaching people like Ferran Soriano and his group. But that was not the idea president Laporta had about a continuity candidacy and so he decided to withdraw his support for me and give it to another board colleague.

And when Soriano decided not to run...
Then I withdrew my candidacy and I kept on the lookout. A little later, I again started talking with Ferran, Albert Vicens and others and our positions came closer.

What was the role of Ingla at that point?
Interesting and very positive. He was immediately offered the option to be the candidate who was able to unite the group.

Which position do you want to take?
It's very clear to us that there is a gap in the centre of the electoral scene that is worth filling. We are a project between a continuism because of the continuism, a bit driven by the outgoing president, and a change because of the change led by Sandro Rosell, driven by a certain spirit of revenge and grudge. There are many fans who are waiting for a candidacy in which they can trust, a candidacy of experience and future. We are very motivated and we think we have a lot of chance to win.

Laporta said he was withdrawing his support for you because you could not deal with the pressure...
I do not share his way of seeing this. He wanted that I assured him that I would be the candidate. But my approach was to make the best possible candidacy. My idea was that to make the current project continue it was not relevant that I was the number one on the list. In addition, the president wanted me to include certain people in the candidacy while my idea was in fact to add new blood.

He wanted members of the current board in your candidacy...
Yes, the majority. But if one looks at the names, many of those have joined the club after the last resignation of directors and do not really represent the continuity since they have only joined in at the last minute. Making the decision to be a candidate also meant I was free to choose the people that I thought were the best.

Very interventionist...
He cannot run in these elections. His interventionism is excessive. It would be wiser to have a more generous and respectful attitude towards those involved in the electoral process. It's very easy for Laporta to leave the club as a president who has put his stamp, because I have no doubts that time will do him justice and will show that he has been a great president of Barça. His positioning now could give him another point of greatness.

Do you think he should be completely neutral?
I have no doubt at all that the club will guarantee the transparency of the elections. As the person is concerned, the president is playing an overly influential role in the elections.

Are you disappointed with the president?
I don't agree with him, but I don't feel as if he has disappointed me, neither as friend nor as president. These are probably the best years of the club thanks to a president capable of taking courageous decisions. I was upset by the fact that he withdraw his support. I considered resigning and I put my position at the disposal of the president after telling him that I would not assist anymore institutional events or watch games from the presidential box, but he didn't tell me anything. I did not resign myself because there is very little time left until the end of the mandate and, especially, because the team is still competing.

You felt left alone when the president withdraw his support?
I would rather say sad. But not alone. When it happened, I understood that everyone on the board was waiting to see what I would do. Now that I know what I will do, I will restore contact.

You have talked with him lately?
We saw each other at a public event. I hadn't yet taken the decision to join this candidacy, but it was close. We didn't talk about Barça.

Do you think he is annoyed by this decision of yours?
I don't think so. I have every right to do this and I'm entitled to take part in elections in the way I think is best. I think Laporta will respect that.

Are you concerned about his reaction?
Frankly, no. Joan Laporta is my friend. I love him, respect him and I know the feeling is mutual. He will perfectly understand it.

this was the first part of this interview. you can read the second part here.

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The Pic: Support for people in wheelchairs

Several Barcelona presidential candidates yesterday assisted a concert organized by an association of Barcelona fans with mobility problems, who ask for a Camp Nou that is more accessible to people in wheelchairs.

Standing, from left to right:
Jaume Guixà, Agustí Benedito, Alfons Godall [representing Marc Ingla], Alexis Plaza, Jaume Ferrer and Armand Sanz [representing Santiago Salvat].

Ingla talking with son of former vice-president

Catalan sports paper El Mundo Deportivo claims that Barcelona presidential candidate has been in contact with Catalan businessman Eduard Farga [picture, on the left], who could join his board team. Farga is the general director of Catalan ice cream company Farggi and son of former Barcelona vice-president Jesús Farga [picture, in the middle].

The paper claims that ex-director Jesús Farga, who has been a Barcelona board member under presidents Josep Lluís Núñez and Joan Gaspart, would himself end up supporting the candidacy of Barcelona candidate Sandro Rosell after also having talked with Jaume Ferrer and Marc Ingla.

Speaking to Catalan radio station RAC1, Jesús Farga had already said that Rosell is at this moment his favourite candidate: "I won't be part of any candidacy, but the truth is that I have assisted several meetings of a pre-candidate who has created a brilliant Senior Council. Who will I vote for? Well, at this moment that would be Sandro Rosell."

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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

[2003] Guardiola considering offer of candidate

source: el mundo deportivo, wednesday 7 may 2003, page 8

Pep Guardiola. The current player of Brescia, former 'symbol' of Barca, has again been contacted by a very important candidate for president of Barça. The offer remains the same: to lead the sports area as general director. Pep, who already had said that he wanted tokeep on playing for another year, has requested time to respond because of the importance of the offer.

Sandro Rosell. The candidacy of Joan Laporta might surprise everyone during its presentation. After publicly announcing the people who are with them (like Albert Vicens, son of the owner of the Vicens Vives publishing house), Sandro Rosell will present the sports side of the project. It is not excluded that they will immediately announce who will be their coach and that they will present two real star players. There's already a deal with them and they will cause a lot of talk.

Martinez-Rovira met Koeman on Monday. Candidate Josep Martínez-Rovira met on Monday in Amsterdam with Ronald Koeman. The Ajax coach again said "no thanks" to the vice-president of Media Planning. It was the second time he rejected the offer of the businessman. He said the same, by telephone, to Lluís Bassat, who also unsuccessfully tried to sign the 'hero of Wembley'.

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The presentation video of Santiago Salvat

the club member of barça is proud of its history

the club member of barça is proud of its stadium

the club member of barça is proud of its team

the club member of barça is proud of its coach

the club member of barça is proud of its exits

the club member of barça is proud of its results

the club member of barça... is proud of the representation of the club?

I'm Santiago Salvat, Barça club member number 50.472. I take part in the elections with a lot of hope and with the dream of uniting the club. I represent a group of people that include all Barcelona opinions and that has been working for a long time to give a new impulse to the club we love so much.

We want to avoid the social division and to make all sectors that have been opposed to each other feel represented by our new, inclusive and independent alternative, a candidacy that - above anything else - will take into account the voice of the members.

We have the ideal of a stable and ambitious club with a plural representation, that works democratically, so that we can have a Barça that is greater, more united and economically stronger and as excited by its sporting successes as by its institutional representation.

Visca el Barça!

Rosell adds former Saviola advisor to board team

Catalan sports paper El Mundo Deportivo claims that Catalan lawyer Eduard Coll is so far the last person who has joined the board team of Barcelona presidential candidate Sandro Rosell, who would at this moment have a group of seventeen directors in place.

Eduard Coll, who was in 2003 actively involved in the campaign of current Barcelona president Joan Laporta but did not get a seat in the board, founded the Coll Advocats law firm in 1987. The firm, with head office in Barcelona and the collaboration of around 25 law professionals, specializes in labour and social security law.

A decade ago, Coll was publicly active in the world of football as player's advisor. In 2001, Coll was the lawyer and fiscal advisor of Javier Saviola when the Argentinean player was tranferred from River Plate to Barcelona. He has also been the representative or lawyer of - among others - former Espanyol players Constantin Galca and Joan Capdevila.

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Ingla reveals campaign posters

Barcelona presidential candidate Marc Ingla has today revealed his campaign posters. The main poster has the slogan "More Barça Than Ever" on it. On other posters, in different colours, the word 'Barça' is replaced by words like 'team', 'effort' or 'harmony'.

campaign website has also been launched and confirms that the candidacy will be officially presented tomorrow.

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The Quote: Sandro Rosell

"They have put detectives on me and I have been shadowed."

Sandro Rosell,
Barcelona presidential candidate

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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The Pic: The bus of Benedito

The campaign bus of Barcelona presidential candidate Agustí Benedito made this evening its first public ride in the surroundings of the Camp Nou ahead of the league game against Tenerife. Tomorrow the bus will be offially presented.

Salvat officially presents his candidacy

Catalan businessman Santiago Salvat [picture, in the centre between his team members and fromer candidates jordi medina -left- and josep maria minguella -right-] has yesterday officially presented his candidacy for the presidency of FC Barcelona at the Olympic and Sports Museum in Barcelona:

"We participate to win and because we're the third way, those who can fill the space in the middle, something for which the club members are waiting. We are no extremists, we want to unite, we want a Barça that is of all of us. I represent the ignored club member, all those who have a lot to say but are not listened to.

We're the real third way because I know a lot of the others will end up making deals because they're all more of the same. We want to stay away from fights or egos. We have an innovative project and we're independent. We have total freedom: we are not dependent of any political or economic powers."

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Ingla: "Barça should be reference of 21st century"

Barcelona presidential candidate Marc Ingla gave an interview to Catalan newspaper La Vanguardia.

You're the last one to join the campaign. You feel comfortable with that?
I'm starting in a privileged position. I have a history of a strong but at the same time discreet leadership. In 2003, I made a step forward and dedicated myself almost full-time to turning the club around economically. Ferran Soriano took up the role of general director while I took care of the commercial operations and the results were good. The marketing revenues went from 20 millions to 100 millions. In 2007, president Laporta asked me to become sports vice-president and I successfully managed the transition from the model of Frank Rijkaard to the sports project of Pep Guardiola, that he later was able to shape further with his wisdom and with the Barça dna he has. I'm not a new guy in this race. It's true that I maybe start a little late, but not that much, and I have a very strong team.

Sandro Rosell is the candidate to beat?
I don't think so. Sandro has been preparing this for a long time, but so have we. We are prepared and motivated.

Doesn't it worry you that the bar lies very high?
It's a fact that we have just won six titles, but there are always opportunities at the sports, economic and social areas. We have some phenomenal assets that can help us to become during the second decade the reference club of the 21st century. We have this historical chance to build something starting from the things that differentiate us from other clubs like our way of playing. We have a clear philosophy that is different to obtain for other clubs, and that is something we need to guarantee.

What do you think about the appointment of Cruyff as president of honour?
We will not turn back decisions that have been made by other boards. It would be a mess. We need to respect it. Just as we have the Josep Lluís Núñez museum. I like the philosophy of Cruyff, our current style has essential elements from Cruyff and the Holland school. But we should try to stay away from focusing too much on individuals.

What is your idea about the sports structure? Guardiola will continue... And Txiki?
Pep will of course continue. He's a key person and all we want to do is help him. I worked very well together with Txiki during the transition from Rijkaard to Guardiola, we did a lot of outgoing and incoming transfers, we analyzed several coaches. I count on him for the future, but we will have to know what his wishes are.

Some names. Joan Oliver.
Our intention is that he doesn't stay at the club. He's a good professional but we think that at this moment we need another type of general director, one that's a bit more technical and more dynamic.

Jaume Ferrer.
He's a good person who did a good job as treasurer. He's friendly and honest.

Sandro Rosell.
I think that mister Rosell is very connected with the world of football and that he is strongly influenced by the Brazilian style and that of their national team. It's a samba model. You can live fantastic nights, but sometimes the hangovers last too long. As a whole I think it's another model that is not the same as that of the current Barça.

Joan Laporta.
The president has now the image of a star, like one of the other contenders in this electoral race. But if I should stick with something, I would say that he's a very good person.

What is your goal?
During this second decade, I want to turn Barça into the reference club of the 21st century. Also into the richest club in the world and that means that there are challenges ahead regarding the globalization of the club, in areas outside Barcelona, Catalonia and Spain. As for the sports area, there's also a clear line that is very well managed by Josep Guardiola.

You feel capable for the job?
In 2003 we came to save the club, in 2007, when I took up the sports vice-presidency, I did that with respect and things went well, and now I have the same feeling, of calmness, of experience and knowledge, because I know the club very well from the inside, I know the difficulties of negotiating television contracts or contracts with Nike, Unicef or the one of Guardiola. I'm at a level of experience that gives me the strength to offer the club members a project of success. My style is to act modestly and starting from this modesty I feel capable of leading Barça.

this was the second and last part of this interview. you can read the first part here.

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interview: dagoberto escorcia

The Quote: Joan Laporta

"Cruyff. Catalunya. Unicef."

Joan Laporta, Barcelona president,
asked about the cornerstones of the current club model

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The Pic: Godall and Ingla at dinner party

Barcelona presidential candidate Marc Ingla and Barcelona first vice-president Alfons Godall appeared together in public on Sunday evening during a dinner with Barcelona fans.

Monday, May 3, 2010

The Decalogue of Jaume Guixa (3)

Barcelona presidential candidate Jaume Guixà has published a "decalogue" in which he explains the ten key points of his election program.

8. With Jaume Guixà, the fan clubs will work independently

The fan clubs, Barcelona's backbone in the whole world, need more resources to act with autonomy
The Advisory Council of the fan clubs will have a representative in the board.
The Club will provide the Advisory Council and the presidents of the fan clubs with a permanent location.
The budget for the fan clubs will be managed by the Advisory Council itself.
The tickets for the fan clubs will be agreed with the Advisory Council.
Three seats in the president's box for the invited fan clubs.
The creation of the 'Nicolau Casaus Museum of the Fan clubs'.
The Congress of the fan clubs will be at the same day as the Joan Gamper Trophy.
The final of the international tournament of the fan clubs will be held at the Mini Estadi.
The 'world meeting' of fan clubs, also in America, Africa and Asia.

9. With Jaume Guixà, you will enjoy the Players' Association

Enjoy the experience of the players who have helped to make the club bigger
The social function of the Players' Association will be strengthened.
Former Barcelona players will be present at and promote games in the country, among other activities.
The Association will actively participate in the meetings of the fan clubs.

10. With Jaume Guixà, you will experience the FCB Foundation and culture more

We stand for a Barça that is socially plural, Catalan, victorious and exemplary in its civility
We will give an example of sportsmanship and we will speak out against violence and discrimination.
We will create youth academies in different countries, to help and educate the young people in need, through sports practice and sports ethics.
FC Barcelona, ambassador of Catalonia in the world, committed to the future of Catalonia as a national community.
We will stimulate cultural and artistic activities related to what FC Barcelona represents, and we will strengthen its travelling and international character.

this was the third and last part of this decalogue. you can read the first part here and the second part here.

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Do you speak Spanish or Catalan?

With less than six weeks before the elections, it is to be expected that the news will multiply rapidly in the coming days and weeks.

And since my time is limited, we are looking for some people who would like to give a hand every now and then during the decisive weeks of the campaign by translating some Spanish or Catalan texts to English. The time you're translating, I can write other stories for the blog.

Your task would be very clear, you don't have to look up anything, you don't have to write an original story, you'll get the information necesary and you can translate the text.

The time you invest in it is of course totally up to you (and it's anyhow only until 13 June), deadlines won't be tight (the most urgent texts I'll translate myself) and we'll help out with problems that could appear during translating.

You for sure shouldn't be perfect in those languages, none of them are my mother-tongue either. Let's say you should be able to understand Spanish and Catalan and be able to write a text in English that is readable.

If you are interested, you can put your email address in the comment section or mail us at:

barcaelections2010 [at] yahoo [dot] com

Thanks in advance!

Ingla: "We are the real continuity candidacy"

Barcelona presidential candidate Marc Ingla gave an interview to Catalan newspaper La Vanguardia.

What has made you decide to run for the presidency of Barcelona?
We had been working for several months on a project. I have felt very supported in this decision, that is at the same time individual and collective time and I have the strength to work hard and to present something different to the club member.

Like what?
Something different to what we have seen so far and something that seems a logical option. I promote the concept of a team, and under my leadership I will offer the member an option with maximum credibility, that guarantees the successful sports model we have.

Don't you think that there is very little to offer in that area?
Yes, the truth is that that's the case. The work done during those seven years has been very good, and now we are at a moment in which the sporting sensations are great, although we have this disappointment of not playing the Champions League final in Madrid: it would have been something unique but we have to accept it. Things are very positive and we want to strengthen it and give it as much continuity as possible.

Soriano, Vicens and even Godall are part of your team, which means this is another continuity candidacy.
I am convinced that our candidacy is the one with the most credibility regarding the continuity, althought that might seem strange because we are not in the club now. Godall is, he is first vice president, but both Alfons as Ferran and Albert have been key people of a good sports, economic and social club model. And all together we have set up this candidacy.

Isn't Godall a volatile traveling companion?
It is true that Alfons has been the right hand of president Laporta. I think that in most cases he has been able to lead and help the president to make the best choices. And it is also true that there has been a disagreement. But the purpose of our candidacy is to seek harmony, to somehow rebuild the small cracks that have existed between us, and it's a pleasure that together we have decided that it is me who carries the captain's armband, and I want to do it with my own style, which is a style of dialogue, consensus and peace. Under these circumstances, I feel very comfortable with Godall.

How does your program differ from that of Jaume Ferrer, now the board candidate?
Jaume Ferrer has also participated in this successful model that we have now, most years he has been the treasurer, and I think if we are righteous, the ones that have had more leadership and more key contributions to this project are people like Soriano, Godall and Vicens, especially in the institutional area. Jaume has also done a good job but I don't know his program and I have the feeling that he stands alone.

Well, he has the president by his side.
Yes, but the team that he is forming gives me the impression that he stands alone, or at least I myself feel in very good company.

Would you like to have the support of Laporta?
The truth is that that is something beyond my control. What I want is for him to have the best end of his mandate.

What is the rest of the team like?
We are about twenty people, it's a rather heterogeneous group, with a senior profile, people of my age, younger ones, in general all are entrepreneurs and what we will promote will be the Catalan values, but it will be an inclusive and plural catalanism. A certain economic liberalism, because we are all entrepreneurs, and the values of honesty and universality of Barça.

Will the elections be political?
I hope not. Our candidacy has several values and above all the value of independence of political, economic and media powers. We will be independent.

But you have talked with all political parties?
I have had contacts with leading figures from the political, social and media world to explain them our project.

this was the first part of this interview. you can read the second part here.

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interview: dagoberto escorcia

The Quote: Evarist Murtra

"The bank guarantee injects the directors with the dangerous virus of wanting to be re-elected and ends up having a perverse effect. The director may be the captive of who helps him to get the guarantee, the bank, or if he can deposit it on his own, fall into the temptation of expecting to continue believing he is entitled because of having put down the guarantee."

Evarist Murtra,
former Barcelona board member (1993-1996 and 2005-2008)

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[2003] Former agent Cruyff runs for president

source: el mundo deportivo, monday 4 may 2003, page 16

Michel Basilevitch will set up his election office today

He rules out a possible deal with Jaume Llauradó

Michel Basilevitch, back in the days the agent of Johan Cruyff, will today set up his election office in Barcelona. As advanced by this paper, Basilevitch believes to have enough appeal to get to the final vote and, as he has himself pointed out, he will under no circumstances make a deal with Jaume Llauradó.

After Josep Maria Minguella, Michel
Basilevitch is the second football agent and intermediary who is trying to become the president of the club. His headquarters will be located in the office of a well-known lawyer.

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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Laporta: "We stayed true to the Cruyff philosophy"

Barcelona president Joan Laporta gave an interview to Spanish newspaper Público.

There are elections coming up at the club. In June, at least two, maybe three, candidacies that have a chance to win and that come from your board will face each other. Why did those colleagues left?
That's life. One thing is clear, I have maintained a consistent line and I have defended a model that was built on some principles: 'more than a club' in the social area, the youth academy and Cruyff in the sports area and to not spend more than we receive and to add value to the assets in the economic area. The group of Sandro Rosell, who were the first to leave, were victims of the crisis of growth because of their high level of immaturity. They are spoiled and resentful people. Later, we had a different situation when facing the most difficult moment, that of the vote of no confidence, when although having overcome a group of colleagues left because of the high pressure. I understand the majority of them because it's dificult to deal with the pressure. But Soriano, Murtra and Vicens took advantage of that situation to try to occupy my place and I ended up feeling that they betrayed me. I've always defended my people above all and I cannot understand that people whom I had defended fiercely abandoned the ship at a key moment. In any case, when Sandro and his people left they predicted the apocalypse and one should just look at the trophies we have won. And regarding the second group who left, the model has continued even more strongly and we have achieved the best season in the history of Barça, and there is more to come. Those who are there now have been consistent with the values and principles that define the current model of the club. We have managed to build the model, to resist the difficulties and to take the right decisions so that Barça continues to live the best period in its history.

And when you leave, you will be able to ensure the continuity?
My current board colleagues are those who can do that best because they have never showed any vanity and have always been faithful to the model, which isn't the case of those who have left, although - I repeat - the first group that left isn't the same as the second.

We have the candidacy of Rosell, possibly that of Marc Ingla, another former vice-president who could get the support of Soriano, and that of Jaume Ferrer, who you now see as your successor. Will your model be reviewed?
Everyone has chances of winning. I talk about the continuity of the model and that can only be guaranteed by the candidacy that includes a wide majority of the members of this board, those who have arrived at this point. I have not yet heard none of the two groups you talk about explain what they will do, say what is their alternative. Rosell gave up because he thought that the Cruyff model in terms of football and the management model weren't right. He questioned Begiristain and Rijkaard, who won two league titles and one Champions League and who passed on to Guardiola. The consistent line is the one I have headed. When we decided to appoint Guardiola as coach, Soriano and Ingla wanted Mourinho. We chose Guardiola because that decision was more consistent with the style we wanted and not because of a matter of record, as was defended by those who wanted Mourinho. I don't know what Ingla will do, but I think he should present another model, because they didn't believe in the current one, his model was that of Mourinho. And Rosell nor Ingla shared the idea of the Unicef sponsorship, that in my opinion has been a highly successful decision and excellent for the image of the club. They should explain us what they will do because we have now built a model that has led us to be recognized as the best club in the world and changing that would be foolhardy.

Appointing Guardiola has been the best decision you have taken?
The best sporting decision has been to stay true to the Cruyff philosophy. And that has led us to keep Txiki as sports director which is given his whole record the best sports decision I have taken until now. Based upon his advice we have made decisions like the one to appoint Pep Guardiola as coach, who is doing amazingly well and who if he continues like this will become the best decision of all. But the best teams need continuity and therefore we need to keep on winning.

And that is not too much pressure for Guardiola?
No. Guardiola and the players have the pressure that is usual at Barça. And we don't just talk about winning titles but about being the best. You can take away pressure from the coach and the players when you have a president who makes decisions, who faces up, takes the lead and deals with the difficulties. Our responsibility is to do everything possible to leave a footprint and to do that you need calmness. The next president will find the best Barça in history and that is why I want this model to continue. As a club member I want the club to continue on this path of success and in my opinion this is only guaranteed by my colleagues of the current board, who have been able to make the right decisions even if they were unpopular, who have been able to resist in the most difficult moments and who have served Barça with enthusiasm and responsibility.

this was the first part of this interview. you will be able to read the second part on this blog in the coming days with laporta looking back at his seven years in office.

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interview: josep carles rius - ferran casas

Plaza: "Young people are tired of fake promises"

Barcelona presidential candidate Alexis Plaza gave an interview to Polish Barcelona news site Fcbarca.

What makes you want to take part in the elections?
The club needs new people, we have been used to see the same names and faces for the last eight years. We also want to represent a part of the club that no one has ever cared about before - young people - because we are the present and future of FCB. The last presidency allowed a social division between the 'socios' who we want to unite. We also want to give to the 'socios' something they never had before: the opportunity to take part in all the important decisions. There are no first class or second class members, we are all the same! We believe in a universal club.

Why do you think that the profile, the projects of other candidates don't appeal to young people?
Young people are tired of fake promises and stereotypes, we are sons of a modern Barça, a leading club, the best team of the world. We have a broader view than others because we are used to this globalization era. We want a club that extends all over the world.

Barça has become an international club, there are many culés abroad. How do you want to cooperate with Barça fans and fan clubs from other countries?
The president should take more care of them or create a commission that travels to take care of all the fan clubs worldwide.

The 'Somni Blaugrana' project will include 21 people between 25 and 30 years old. Some people wonder if such young people are prepared enough to lead the club...
Some will think that we are young and inexperienced... They most surely were the same ones who thought Guardiola was also inexperienced... Before achieving six titles in his first campaign! I can say I have the best professional experience, and regarding the club: I have been a socio for 25 years. I am also surrounded by the best team of young entrepreneurs and professionals.

Would you continue with the model of a coach and a sports director?
It is important to have a sports director for every section in the club, this has to be a person that previously played in our team because his experience can be very useful to the club. We should evaluate who will be the next one. The role is a good link between the manager on the pitch and the board.

It is said that the Camp Nou needs some changes, for example there should be a roof over the stands. Are you in favour of the Foster project?
The 'socios' were never allowed to choose or vote for the Foster project. This is very antidemocratic. The stadium needs better accesses for handicapped people and after that we would consider what other changes can be done to improve the stadium. What we also believe is that 'the best club in the world deserves the best house in the world'.

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When will Rosell, Ferrer, Ingla and Salvat appear?

Barcelona presidential candidates Santiago Salvat, Jaume Ferrer and Marc Ingla are expected to present their projects in the coming days. Sandro Rosell would wait some more.

Catalan businessman Santiago Salvat [picture] will present his candidacy tomorrow at 1 pm at the Olympic and Sports Museum in Barcelona.

Barcelona assets vice-president Jaume Ferrer will on Wednesday present his website, his campaign seat and his first slogan.

Former Barcelona marketing and sports vice-president Marc Ingla will present his project and his campaign in the middle of next week.

Former Barcelona sports vice-president Sandro Rosell had planned to present his project at his campaign seat on Wednesday 12 May in case Barcelona would have qualified for the Champions league final. The presentation could now be postponed until after the last league game.

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sources: sport, efe, mundo deportivo

The Slogan: Marc Ingla

"More Barça than Ever"

'Més Barça que Mai' would become the main campaign slogan that will be used by Barcelona presidential candidate Marc Ingla ahead of the elections in June

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