Saturday, May 8, 2010

Godall: "It's a team project against ego projects"

Barcelona first vice-president Alfons Godall gave an interview to Catalan sports paper El 9 Esportiu.

How do you see Ingla?
With a conciliatory spirit, positive, eager to unite and not exclude anyone, which allows me to reconnect with all the people who worked for my candidacy and see if they want to have a role in this one. In addition, he is very motivated, he is a big Barcelona fan, a football fan, and he has always had the serenity not to let himself be influenced. He has a clear structure of the club in his head and the campaign, the project and the Barça of the future are also very clear to him. He has convinced me. His merit is to have united all of us. Without him, this candidacy would not have been possible. He has contributed to the construction of the current project during the arrival of Pep Guardiola since he was sports vice-president at that time. Both him and all of us want to put our experience at the service of the Barça of the future.

Why did you join the candidacy of Ingla and not the one of Ferrer?
Because one of my main ideas as a candidate was trying to add Soriano and his people to the candidacy. They have had an important role in the developping of the current Barça project. The bases of the 'virtuous circle' were established by Soriano. This economic restructuring was made possible thanks to the work of Marc Ingla who was in charge of merchandising, opening new markets, exploring possibilities, setting new goals, modernizing the club, giving value to the sponsorship of the club and a series of decisions he took. Albert Vicens was able to add prestige, he was a careful director who represented the club with dignity and never wanted to be in the limelight. These are skilled people who know Barça very well and still have a lot left to do.

Laporta and Jaume Ferrer have collided many times because of differences of opinion. Do you think that their candidacy is artificial?
I think it's inconsistent. I cannot believe that Jaume would end up facing Rosell in the elections, because I think they are very similar, both at a personal level as in terms of their entourage. I have always thought that both would difficultly end up being opponents. Besides that, he has now taken up the role of continuist when Laporta had thought about other possibilities before, it all seems inconsistent to me. I have nothing against Jaume. He has been a good fellow board member and he has been there during all those years, but I'm not convinced by his project nor by his campaign team that should materialize a solid project.

But do you think it's at this moment possible that Rosell and Ferrer could make a deal?
Both are part of the entourage of the Pujol-Ferrusola family [jordi pujol is a formar catalan president]. Alejandro Echevarría [former brother-in law of joan laporta] has a role in that group. Albert Perrín too. People, in short, who have the need to feel that they are part of the electoral process, because otherwise, they know that they will be out of the club. What if Ferrer would arrive at the final electoral stage and spend a large budget - because that is needed - to face Rosell, whose entourage is kind of the same... Frankly, I think it is difficult they would be rivals. I think a previous deal is possible.

What is also said is that Jaume Ferrer could end up making a deal with Ingla...
I don't rule out anything. I know that Marc is a person of harmony. But if he joins, it will be to come and support, taking up the role that Mark believes is best for him.

Ingla, Soriano, Vicens and Godall. You are "the four tenors" against two personalities?
Yes, but it won't only be that. It's a team with a candidate. And with interesting people behind. It is important to add new blood. There will be new people with a lot of ideas. It will be the project of a team against individual ego projects. The project of Sandro Rosell is again a self-centred one, in which everything turns around a candidate.

The difference between your candidacy and that of Ferrer is that you both guarantee the model, but that he does it with the support of Laporta and you don't?
Not only that. We recognize the legacy of Laporta. But now we need to talk about the future of Barça. The big difference will be that those who go with Jaume don't have a past in this Barça, they will have been two years or less at the club. While we were at the club since 2003, that is a guarantee of knowledge.

What will your role be?
I want to have an active role and I'm at the disposal of Marc.

If you win, you will again work in the social area?
There will be novelties. We will bring our experience to the table, but also new concepts. I am thinking about making innovative proposals regarding the club members, in terms of new services, new ways of participation...

Based upon your experience as a Barcelona supporter and a director, which two candidacies will end up fighting for the presidency?
Right now I see a bipolarisation Ingla-Rosell.

this was the second and last part of this interview. you can read the first part here.

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  1. Very interesting interview.

    But contrary to what Godall suggests (if a powerful Catalan family is indeed backing both Ferrer and Rosell), I think it will serve their (Pujol-Ferrusola family's) interests better if they have two major electable options rather than one. Because if Ferrer merges with Rosell, rather than Ferrer's votes being transferred to Rosell, they may be split between Ingla and Rosell.

    What worries me about the Ingla candidacy is Laporta's statement that they were in favour of recruiting Mourinho. This indicates that were looking for options which guarantee success at the cost of the distinctive Barça identity in its football.

    Pep, given that so many of the candidacies involve Directors or Board members who have been involved with Laporta over the last 8 years, details regarding the actual point of their individual disagreements with Laporta would make very interesting reading.

  2. post on ingla-mourinho coming soon...

    if i would have been the board secretary over the past seven years that would indeed have made a very interesting reading... :-) but if you're not in there, you simply can't know it, kamikaze.

  3. I think it's unfair to think Mourinho would have bored us to death if he managed the team. I think he would have closed up shop in games where a 1-0 away would work but I recall that 4-2 win where Chelsea sure looked good going up 3-0 and didn't give up to tie it 2-2 at the Camp Nou.

    Also, I am shocked that Pep used an apostrophe!!!!

  4. You weren't in there ? :O ? I am crushed.

    Ibes, boring us to death is a little extreme. Merely shifting the goalposts so our targets are result oriented rather than focussed on "virtousity of play" (i know i am creating a new term there, dont mind me, profesor, :)), would have been sufficient to dismay me.

  5. that's a different kind of apostrophe and you know it, IBES!!!