Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Rosell adds former Saviola advisor to board team

Catalan sports paper El Mundo Deportivo claims that Catalan lawyer Eduard Coll is so far the last person who has joined the board team of Barcelona presidential candidate Sandro Rosell, who would at this moment have a group of seventeen directors in place.

Eduard Coll, who was in 2003 actively involved in the campaign of current Barcelona president Joan Laporta but did not get a seat in the board, founded the Coll Advocats law firm in 1987. The firm, with head office in Barcelona and the collaboration of around 25 law professionals, specializes in labour and social security law.

A decade ago, Coll was publicly active in the world of football as player's advisor. In 2001, Coll was the lawyer and fiscal advisor of Javier Saviola when the Argentinean player was tranferred from River Plate to Barcelona. He has also been the representative or lawyer of - among others - former Espanyol players Constantin Galca and Joan Capdevila.

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  1. Pep, the title of this article is kind of misleading. It implies that Rosell has added Saviola to his board team as an advisor. The title should be something along the lines of : Rosell adds Saviola's former advisor to board team"
    sorry if i sound rude by pointing this out. Your blogs are the best about barca

  2. i get you and you're not rude at all, random juve fan.

    english is not my mother tongue so i'm making mistakes. but in fact we're just deleting the little words out of "...adds [a] former advisor [of] Saviola to [his]..."

    your option makes the title a character too long to fit in the title box and i don't like " ' " in titles, it kinds of breaks it. think the bottom line is that people at least will get it after reading the full story :-)

    and thanks!

  3. Just swap the words former advisor and Saviola to Rosell adds Saviola's former advisor to board team. Should be the same length of the original title. It works that way since in english we don't have to say the advisor of saviola, but Saviola's advisor. At first, I thought Saviola was Sandro's advisor once upon a time lol

    Oye, if you need an editor, I have no problem looking over it.

  4. mmmyeah but as long as people get the sense of the article, why quibble over such things right?? :)

    and as pointed out by IBES, "Saviola's former advisor" seems the correct way of putting it but i think for blog titles and esp you have problems with breaks then "former Saviola advisor" works best!

  5. first thank you all for your involvement, guys!

    think i'll go with xaviniesta's version for now. to avoid the "'s" and also because i think (but i'm not sure here) that "saviola's former advisor" in a way points more to one person ("the" advisor, while this was just "an" advisor). if for example saviola would have had an agent that was somehow famous (a kind of mino raiola...) "saviola's former advisor" could be better because then everybody knows who we're talking about.

    and thanks for the offer to act as editor, IBES! i think really editing everything before it goes up would take too much time but let's agree this: if you see some mistake, you can put a comment under the post, then i'll pick it up, make the change and delete your comment (so this blog doesn't turn into a language forum and you don't get the reputation of a language freak ;-) ).

    others of course are free to do the same!