Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The three areas and vice-presidents of Rosell

Catalan sports paper Sport claims that Barcelona presidential candidate Sandro Rosell would want to restructure the club and divide it in three main areas: a sports area, an economic area and a social area.

Each area would be headed by a vice-president who would have the support of several board members (see below). The list of directors is nonetheless not yet finalized and will be enlarged in the coming weeks.

Sports area
This area would deal with everything related to the club's sports policy, including the youth academy, Barça Atlètic, the non-football sports sections and the medical department, which should become a world-wide reference.

Former Barcelona director Josep Maria Bartomeu, who left the club together with Rosell in June 2005, would become the sports vice-president. He would be assisted by Javier Bordas, Jordi Mestre and former director Jordi Monés.

Economic area
This area would include issues like marketing, assets administration and broadcasting rights.

Former Barcelona director Xavier Faus, who left the club shortly after Rosell in June 2005, would become the vice-president if he can combine this with his professional life. He would be assisted by Carlos Vilarrubí, Josep Ramón Vidal, former director Jordi Moix and Manel Arroyo.

Social area
This area would include the relations with the fans, the club members and the fan clubs, as well as the functioning of the club's foundation.

Jordi Cardoner, the grandson of former Barcelona vice-president Nicolau Casaus, would become the social vice-president. He would be assisted by Ramón Pont, Josep Maria Prat and Pilar Guinovart.

all people mentioned above were already discussed in parts 3 and 4 of this blog's "the rosell project" series that was published in october of last year. to know more about the background of these people, you can read the series

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