Saturday, March 6, 2010

Sala wants to attract sponsor for Unicef logo

Speaking to Catalan radio station RAC 1 at a conference about sports leadership in Barcelona yesterday, Barcelona treasurer Xavier Sala i Martin has launched the idea that the candidacy led by Barcelona first vice-president Alfons Godall could close a commercial deal with a firm to sponsor the Unicef logo on the club's shirts:

"We have already talked with a company that would want to sponsor, not the shirt of Barça, but that would want to pay so Barça can continue with Unicef on the shirts.

They could then use this is their own marketing campaigns saying that they are the ones that make it possible that Barça continues to be the club of the children around the world through Unicef.

But so Barça would keep on playing with Unicef on the shirts and for us this would be another way to make profitable the co-operation with Unicef, that in my opinion is already profitable as far as the image of Barça in the world is concerned."

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  1. Interessting idea - but it´s not the same. =/

  2. yeah, the idea is original, but there's something about it that needs a bit more thinking...

  3. I thought that was the deal we had with Nike. Is he talking about the club making a profit from the shirt deal while not putting up the name of the sponsor ? That is just one step away from putting the name and logo up. Sounds like a sell-out.

  4. it would be something like "we pay you to keep unicef on your shirts, and then we can use that in our marketing campaigns"

  5. Please don't. Sounds like "Barca, proud to be Unicef ambassador (as sponsored by Fortune 500)"

  6. Sellout! This is not different than putting the corporate sponsor on the shirt.