Thursday, November 12, 2009

Internet entrepreneur joins Rosell candidacy

Spanish business paper Expansión claims, based upon souces close to presidential candidate Sandro Rosell, that internet entrepreneur Dídac Lee has joined the candidacy of Barcelona's former sports vice-president.

Asked about the rumours, Lee confirmed contacts with Rosell to the paper: "There have been talks. We both have an enterprising personality. I have given him advice on how to promote the club through the internet and the new technologies. I would in the future help the club to strengthen their presence in social networks and online meeting places."

Dídac Lee, a 35-years old Catalan-born business man of Chinese-Taiwanese descent, is the CEO of the
Inspirit holding that includes several new technologies and software developing companies. On his personal webpage, Lee says that he's a Barcelona fan and that he hopes to become a board member one day.

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  1. Finally something interesting. If true.

  2. At least here we have some kind of confirmation from the guy himself, Ramzi.

    Online presence (and preferably worldwide, please break out of that catalan/spanish model!) is one thing, although my big worry is the media. There they need a plan because Barcelona is losing the media battle against Real Madrid (and the EPL).