Monday, November 9, 2009

Jaume Guixa will run for president

Catalan university professor Jaume Guixà (51) will take part in next year's elections for president of FC Barcelona.

It has been confirmed to this blog that Guixà has in the past weeks and months been in contact with Barcelona club members in order to prepare his candidacy. University professor of economics Jordi Vilajosana would become the right-hand man of Guixà, who has been hinting at his candidacy on his personal blog a few days ago.

Guixà would have been preparing his candidacy for several years now. Spanish news site El Confidencial already claimed last year that Guixà had contracted a public relations agency that has been working on a campaign strategy and that Guixà was holding meetings to form his team and to raise money to finance his campaign.

Former Barcelona vice-president Jaume Sobrequés, who is believed to be collaborating with Guixa, suggested last month at Catalan television channel Barcelona TV that Guixà is preparing a candidacy: "It won't just be the candidate of Laporta against Rosell. There will be others. There are other people who are working on a candidacy, discretely but in a very serious way. Like university professor Jaume Guixà. It's still premature to talk about it, but things will be made public at the right time."

Jaume Guixà, who would not be willing to team up with other candidates unless he would head the joint candidacy, was a pre-candidate in the elections of 2006 but wasn't able to collect enough signatures of club members to take part in the elections (read more here). He's an architect and lawyer and founded the Penya Mil·lenni, a Barcelona fan club of which he is still the president.

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  1. He seems like an interesting candidate

  2. He might seem interesting but he won't have much of a chance, Sandvik.

  3. Its obviously Rosell election to lose. Such candidates are usually PR firework.

  4. He is a big clown. He don't know the laws of FCB.
    In 2006 dont give the signature to club.
    Guixa go home, please

  5. Guixà has no option to win.
    I repeat, NO OPTION.

    Joseph Lambert

  6. Supongo que ya habrá aprendido, que queda mucho mas elegante, una vez recogidas las firmas, sean muchas o pocas, que las debia llevar al club, por respeto a quien se la dió.
    Vaya ridículo que hizo en el 2006