Thursday, October 8, 2009

Agusti Benedito to run for president

Catalan business man Agustí Benedito has today announced to Spanish news agency EFE his intention to take part in next year's elections for president of FC Barcelona.

Benedito has been a close friend of Barcelona president Joan Laporta for many years until he resigned as member of the the club's social committee in March of this year because he thought Laporta had betrayed some of their previous ideals.

Benedito is, after former Barcelona sports vice-president Sandro Rosell (who announced his intention to run for president last summer), the second pre-candidate to step forward and to publicly announce the intention to take part in the elections.

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  1. note:

    we'll have a more extensive post on agusti benedito (his background and his plans) later this month, probably next week.

  2. I'm waiting for the announcement of Soriano and Ingla.
    I'm curious who will they support.

  3. chris809,

    It's not expected Soriano will make an announcement soon but his decision is at this moment seen as one of the crucial ones in the race.

    The question seems to be: will Soriano come with an own project (in that case: who will be the candidate?) or will he link up with somebody else (and that "somebody else" could be a current board member)?

  4. I don't think that Soriano will start his own project, he will probably link up with somebody.

    Everything could be easier if he wouldn't resign after the "vote of no confidence". He was strongest candidate of "continuity" until that day.

    Now it looks like we will have two candidates of "continuity" and this will lower their chance to win.

  5. We might have two continiuty candidates plus Rosell and Soriano (also in a way "continuity" since they were in the board).

  6. i thought soriano was running. he seems like a cool guy. very good with finances and kind of non political (compared to the others), which i like actually. should be interesting if the race would eventually be between him and rosell.

  7. Soriano didn't yet say he is running, Xaviniesta. He has said he wants to play a role in the elections, although it's not clear if that will be as front-runner or by backing another candidate.