Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Cartoon 3: Messi and Henry make discovery

This ball seems a little strange to me...
I guess they're not spying on us, right?

I'm sure they're not spying on us.
At the most, they are carrying out a security audit.

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by caye



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  1. lol too funny.

    would all these things be that illegal sounding if it hadnt been leaked to the press? i'm sure audits are always a thing in political exercises such as these.

    just saying..

  2. I guess it depends on what is behind it, Xaviniesta.

    With the main question being: where they examined because someone inside the club was looking for sensitive information with the purpose to use it against them (meaning: "advising" them to drop out the race if they didn't want the information to become public)?

  3. i expect that would mostly be the case here. cos if its to protect, why were these people left unaware of the so called danger or risk till after the fact. if its for the reason you said, i expect there would be some element of intimidation there, in which case it could be a bit illegal, right? what's your take on that.

  4. Well, I wouldn't think it's very illegal, Xaviniesta (if they didn't break the law by taping calls for example). But let's say it wouldn't be very moral.