Thursday, November 12, 2009

Could Guardiola be a future president?

Speaking to Catalan radio station Catalunya Ràdio, Catalan businessman and twice runner-up in the elections for president of FC Barcelona Lluís Bassat (picture, on the right) has said that he is convinced that Barcelona manager Josep Guardiola will become president of the club one day:

"Guardiola was my candidate for sports director when I ran for president and one of my opponents - Laporta not to name him - accused me of not knowing anything about football. And we can discuss on that, but I sure know something about people. And now Guardiola has saved Laporta... Pep has every quality a professional should have. He's intelligent, honest, a hard worker, involved, loyal. So I'm very happy with the sucess he's having.

I sincerely think that Pep one day will be the president of Barça. He has the qualities needed for it. It could well be too early, he's still very young, he has many more things to do first. But I'm sure that his career will be: manager now, sports director one day, sports vice-president another day and then president. And he might become the best president in the history of Barça."

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  1. i'm convinced too. i think he'd make a good one with his given abilities not to mention he's in love with his boyhood club obviously.

  2. Hello Pep,

    How are you doing? I hope all is well. I hope the new position is treating you well even though I wished you were still running the old blog.

    593-595 Carrer de Corsega + Avinguda de Gaudi

  3. Hello Carrer de Corsega,

    Just welcomed you in the other post.

    I'm fine, thank you. Hope the same goes for you. But we're not going to get sentimental, ok?! We're all getting over fcbtransfers, just give it some time... :-) And tou can go to to follow things.

    PS. If that adress means you're back in Barcelona, we might need a guy in the city in the coming months... Time to be invested: limited. Networking opportunities: unlimited.

  4. I hope that Pep will coach Barcelona as long as Fergie have in Manchester United, but it seems very unlikely that someone could be a coach for so long.
    I think he would have done it very well as a President

  5. @ Sandvik:

    For one, I think the media pressure at Barcelona is a lot bigger than at Manchester United. So one shouldn't expect Guardiola to become "our" Ferguson.

    And he's so involved with every detail that you can ask how long he will be able to keep this going (both physically and mentally).

  6. That is my address in Barcelona, but unfortunately I am not back yet. I am hoping that I can get time off so I can go back for Christmas time, but as of right now it won't be for good.

    I am determined to return though. I have applied to few jobs back there but the Spanish economy is doing so bad that I am not optimistic. But if I hear anything back from those companies, I will move back in a heart beat and you will have an insider source better than you can imagine! That I promise, so let's hope I can return.

  7. @ Pep:

    Yeah I agree with you on that pep could not become our Ferguson, but its just a wish.

    And yeah it seems like he is very hardworking like you and the man in this post say. Maybe he can hand over some responsibility to others that would be capable to do so. But a perfectionist might do everything by himself.

    If Guardiola extend his contract and get this manager role, I am afraid he would get even more work to burn him out over time. But it's so far an illusion.
    Still I believe pep check the players very good and carefully, if he wants the club to buy a player.

    I read a Luis Suarez rumour, where EMD or Sport said pep had plenty of videos and raports from him, and more. It might not be true, but I believe he check his players very good to make sure the player would fit in the squad and so on.

  8. @ Carrer de Corsega:

    If you don't make it in time, I already put you on the list for 2016... ;)

    And that address seems to be close to where I spent my first nights in Barcelona. In what appeared to be a rendezvous hotel. Which then again led to a discount. Long story.

  9. @ Sandvik:

    Regarding the scouting. As far as we know, Guardiola basically reads the scouting reports both on the player's paying style (drawn up by the people of the coaching staff who went to see live games) as on their personality. He both watches "customized" videos and some complete games.