Saturday, November 14, 2009

The new board of directors

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Joan Laporta

Alfons Godall

first vice-president, responsible for the social area and spokesperson

Joan Boix
economic vice-president and responsible for the marketing and media area

Jaume Ferrer
vice-president responsible for assets administration and the handball section

Rafael Yuste
sports vice-president

Albert Perrín
vice-president responsible for the institutional area

Josep Cubells
secretary and director responsible for the basketball section

Alfons Castro
director responsible for security issues

Jacint Borràs
president of barcelona atlètic and member of the catalan football federation

Josep Anton Colomer
director of the economic area and responsible for the futsal section

Maria Elena Fort
director of the institutional and assets administration areas

Jordi Torrent
director responsible for the roller hockey section

Xavier Bagués
director of the social area

Patrick Auset
director of the social area

Josep-Ignasi Macià
director of the social area

Magda Oranich
director of the institutional area and responsible for the foundation

Xavier Sala i Martín
director of the economic area and treasurer

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source: el 9 esportiu

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