Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Who is eligible as president?

Article 38 of the club's by-laws, that was changed last August by adding the last condition below, enumerates the conditions to be eligible as president of FC Barcelona:

a) being of legal age and not being legally incapacitated

b) being a club member for at least one year at the moment the elections are called

c) not being suspended as club member at the moment the elections are called

d) not having been linked to FC Barcelona as player, coach, manager or employee during the two years before the elections are called

e) not having been disciplinary punished by the club because of a very serious infringement during the five years before the elections are called

f) having resigned and left before the start of the 6th phase of the election process (presentation of candidacies), in case the aspiring candidate is a member of the Board of Directors or the Interim Committee that has called the election and wants to be re-elected

g) being included in the current electoral roll

h) having legal residence in Catalonia

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  1. Seem pretty fair. I think in Madrid you must be a member for at least 10 years or so to be eligible to become the president of the club.