Sunday, November 8, 2009

The Quote: Sulaiman Al-Fahim

"How did I hear about Real Madrid's 4-0 loss against Alcorcón? Well, I was in Barcelona that Tuesday. I was told at a business dinner, and of course it surprised me. One of the people there was Sandro Rosell, who will run for president of Barcelona. It was a very surprising result that was much commented during the dinner we were having."

United Arab Emirates businessman Sulaiman Al-Fahim,
10% shareholder of English football club Portsmouth and board member of United Arab Emirates private equity company Abu Dhabi United Group that owns English football club Manchester City


  1. i'm sorry i cant help but comment. whats the significance of this? i mean apart from the obvious fact that rosell is meeting with (getting support?)/(and surprisingly from ) diverse groups of people..? or would that be the point??

  2. @Xaviniesta:

    Just thought it might be interesting to know that Rosell has met with a Manchester City insider and that (apart from the more concrete transfer-related conclusions one could draw from this) he might be building/further expanding his network in the world of football.

  3. alright, thanks. i'm just not so comfy with rosell being chummies with petro dollar types. shrug.

  4. Well, if they'd pay 25 millions for Hleb, I would be ok with it... ;-)