Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Bassat will not run a third time

Catalan advertising agent Lluís Bassat (68) will not take part in next year's elections for president of FC Barcelona. Bassat was the runner-up in the elections of 2000 and 2003, being defeated by first Joan Gaspart (55% vs 43%) and then Joan Laporta (53% vs 32%).

Speaking to Catalan radio station COM Ràdio, Bassat said in May of 2008 that he would not run a third time in 2010: "I've learnt a lot and now I understand that football is not a business like the other ones. It's very different. Now the time has come for somebody else to try. Being the president of Barcelona asks a lot of a person. It's also a job that is not paid.

When I ran for president, I tried to look for a solution for my club and my city because both had a problem at that time. I'm very grateful to those who believed in my project and voted for me. If I would have won, this would have changed my life radically but now I feel very happy about my way of life."

Bassat has since then repeated several times that he will not be among the presidential candidates when the election process will be launched next year.

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Lluís Bassat presenting Josep Guardiola as his candidacy's sports director in 2003.


  1. Thank God! I don't like him anyways. :D

  2. He might have done well this time though. There seems to be room for a third way, between a continuity candidate on the one hand and Rosell on the other.