Thursday, October 29, 2009

The Board, 6-7 Years Later (1) : Five directors left

When comparing the composition of the current board (18 members) with the composition of the board at the time Joan Laporta became president in 2003 (15 members), it shows that few directors have lasted.

From the original board of 2003, only five members are still in office: president Joan Laporta, vice-president Alfons Godall and directors Alfons Castro, Josep Cubells and Jaume Ferrer (now vice-president).

Board June 2003

Joan Laporta

Albert Vicens
Sandro Rosell
Ferran Soriano
Alfons Godall
Marc Ingla

Josep Maria Bartomeu
Xavier Cambra
Alfons Castro
Josep Cubells
Jaume Ferrer
Jordi Moix
Jordi Monés
Toni Rovira
Clàudia Vives-Fierro

Board October 2009

Joan Laporta

Alfons Godall
Jaume Ferrer
Joan Boix
Joan Franquesa
Rafael Yuste

Alfons Castro
Josep Cubells
Albert Perrin
Jacint Borràs
Josep Anton Colomer
Maria Elena Fort
Jordi Torrent
Patrick Auset
Xavier Bagués
Josep-Ignasi Macià
Magda Oranich
Xavier Sala i Martín

this is the first part of a three-parts series on the composition of fc barcelona’s board of directors since joan laporta became president. the next part will cover all the movements over the past years. read the whole series here.

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  1. I remember which vice-presidents left, but if I had to name all the board members who left with Rosell or with Soriano and Ingla I'd be in trouble.

    Good to see all the movements summed up in one place.

  2. Thanks, chris809.

    And you would probably be even more troubled when you know that some board members that have left were not part of the initial board.

    Four directors joined in later but are already gone now, so they are not in the "june 2003" list nor in the "october 2008" list...

    Still puzzling a bit myself, but we're getting there. Full overview and a report on all the board movements under Laporta during the weekend.