Friday, October 30, 2009

Introducing Benedito (3) : The affair too much

Earlier this month, Catalan businessman Agustí Benedito announced his intention to take part in next year's elections for president of FC Barcelona. This blog will this week give an introduction on the pre-candidate.

On Tuesday 17 February of this year, the regional Balearic Islands edition of Spanish newspaper El Mundo claimed that
Laporta & Arbós, the law firm co-owned by Barcelona president Joan Laporta, had been involved in an attempt to sell Spanish first division club Mallorca in 2008.

In July of 2008, Laporta's law firm would have proposed to Binipuntiró, a company of then Mallorca president Vicenç Grande that owned the club, to sell their shares (that represented more than 90%) to
Zeromax, a company registered in Switzerland but primarily active in Uzbekistan, where it conducts business in oil and gas, agriculture, textiles, construction, mining and logistics.

The deal would provisionally have been valued at 60 million euros pending a full examination of the financial situation of the club. On 30 July, Laporta & Arbós was given the official authorization by Binipuntiró to start the negotiations with Zeromax. The mandate said that the law firm would receive 7 per cent of the fee paid by the buyers.

When Binipuntiró informed the trustees in insolvency about the ongoing negotiations, these latter nevertheless told them that an exclusive option had previously been agreed upon between Grande and English business man Paul Davidson for a fee of 36 million euros. The negotiations with Zeromax were therefore cancelled and the deal didn't went through.

this is the third part of a five-parts series. the next part will cover benedito leaving the club as a consecuence of the above explained case. you can read the whole series here.

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Former Mallorca president Vicenç Grande (left) and Barcelona president Joan Laporta.

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