Saturday, November 7, 2009

Rosell organizing press dinners

After he held the first meetings with representatives of Barcelona's fan clubs in the beginning of October (read more here), Barcelona presidential candidate Sandro Rosell has in the past weeks been meeting with media representatives.

Journalist Alex Santos confirms on his blog that he and his colleagues of Spanish news agency EFE were a couple of weeks ago invited to meet with Rosell at his home. Santos explains that the gathering was more about getting to know each other and that Rosell didn't talk a lot about his program or his team.

Some of the closest collaborators of the former sports vice-president reportedly assisted the meeting, among which former Barcelona board member Josep Maria Bartomeu (read more here) and former Barcelona head of external relations Laura Alsina, who will act as press officer of Rosell's campaign.

It was also confirmed to this blog that Rosell and Bartomeu met last Monday in Rosell's offices with journalists of Catalan sports paper El Mundo Deportivo, among which Cristina Cubero, one of the main writers of the paper. A few days before, Rosell would have had a dinner with journalists of Catalan newspaper El Periódico at the Via Veneto restaurant in Barcelona.

Meetings between people involved in the elections and the press seem to be a usual practice in Barcelona. Catalan sports paper Sport claimed last summer that Barcelona president Joan Laporta was having weekly dinners with journalists in the Da Greco and Raco d'en Cesc restaurants in Barcelona, while Alex Santos reports that presidential candidate Agustí Benedito is also having contacts with journalists.

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  1. thanks to alex santos at és a dir and to brian syrup for the information provided.

  2. I believe that Rosell will win, he is in the media almost every day it seems, which is important. I can't really name another candidate that could compete with him maybe Soriano, but I don't think he will win.
    Rosell also have presented what he will do with the club(like what changes. and for him this is so far very good. Im a bit sceptical about him, but the rest, is candidates you dont really know, so you dunno what they can do as a president.

    Pep do you believe Rosell will win if it would have been an election tommorrow? and which candidates do you think is those who could challenge him?

    Great work Pep, keep it up :D

  3. Being in the media every day can in the end also work against you, Sandvik. People get easily bored these days and start looking for a new flavour then.

    Rosell knows that, it seems, and he actually tries to stay out of the media. He wants to start campaigning as late as possible. But there are a lot of leaks. Some probably intended, others not. He didn't yet officially presented his program for sure.

    Election tomorrow. Well, you can't say something sensible about that. Rosell sure is the one who's best prepared. His campaign is a machine that has been prepared since shortly after he left the club in 2005 and now the plan is executed step by step.

    He had a few mishits until now, but so far so good. The main thing is that he seems to have almost the whole press in his pocket. That also means a lot of people to keep satisfied of course, let's see how he deals with that.

    His main challenger looks to be the board candidate that will get the support of Laporta: Godall or Sala i Martin. If one of them could triumph with the Champions League cup won at the Bernabeu, it could become tight.

    Or not. It's still a long time to go.

    And thanks!