Monday, November 2, 2009

Former vice-president hints at Rosell partnership

Asked about his links with Barcelona presidential candidate Sandro Rosell (read more here), former Barcelona vice-president Gabriel Masfurroll has suggested today in an interview with Catalan radio station RAC 1 that he will be part of the candidacy of Rosell in the upcoming elections for president of Barcelona:

"In principle I could confirm that it's possible that I will be part of his candidacy, but Sandro is the one who has to say this. The moment will come in which he will present his candidacy and give the names.

I can confirm that I have a friendship relation with Sandro Rosell, he's someone I like and respect. We have talked about things but nothing should be said now. Because that would be starting the election campaign, something that should only happen when the elections are called. Now we have to support the team."

Gabriel Masfurroll is the chairman and managing director of USP Hospitals, a network of private hospitals in Spain, southern Europe and Morocco. He is a former Barcelona board member under Josep Lluís Núñez and was a presidential candidate in 2000. He was vice-president under Joan Gaspart until he resigned in December 2002.

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