Saturday, November 7, 2009

Poll result: What do you think about Benedito?

What does the candidacy of Agustí Benedito to become president of Barça evoke for you?

Another alternative: 15%
Opposition to the current model: 5%
Hidden board candidacy: 7%
Elefant Blau: 8%
I don't know him: 63%
Other things: 3%

total votes: 2289
start date poll: 8 october 2009
source: el mundo deportivo

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picture: germán rodríguez rosas

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  1. note:
    elefant blau ("blue elephant") was an opposition group against former barcelona president josep lluis nunez that was founded by, among others, joan laporta and agusti benedito (read more here)

    you can read this blog's introduction series about benedito here