Thursday, November 5, 2009

Introducing Benedito (5) : The presentation video

Last month, Catalan businessman Agustí Benedito announced his intention to take part in next year's elections for president of FC Barcelona. This blog will this week give an introduction on the pre-candidate.

Above, you find a subtitled version of the video Benedito made public when he announced he would run for president. If you prefer to read the text, it goes as follows:

"I'm 45 years old, I have four children. Lately, some media reports have speculated about the possibility that I could head a candidacy for the presidency of FC Barcelona. This is to confirm that this is true.

For a while now, a group of club members is working with a lot of energy, excitement, motivation and conviction to be able to present the fans another alternative in the upcoming elections that will be held next year and to shape a candidacy for the presidency of Barça.

Not everybody knows me or my link with Barça. I can tell you that already in 1997 I was part of the candidacy of Angel Fernández who faced president Núñez. Then later I actively took part, together with others, in “L'Elefant Blau” that presented a vote of no confidence against president Núñez.

I also took part in the elections of 2000, when Joan Gaspart faced Lluís Bassat, and ultimately in the elections that were won by Joan Laporta on 15 June 2003. Since then I have been helping the club by conducting executive tasks, as member or director of the Sports Commission of the club and of the Social Commission, especially taking care of everything related to the professional sections of Barça.

I don't know if Joan Laporta is the best president in the history of Barça, but he sure is the president of the best Barça in history and so he did some great things, but he also did some things that were not so good. We will take the good part with us and we'll strenghten it, and what he - or they - didn't achieve, there we will continue, go on until the end.

This is an initiative that doesn't have any sense if it's not the result of the most possible people of FC Barcelona. It's important, it's crucial, it's really needed that all those who didn't do anything, but who would want, that you participate in this, that you take part. I repeat that by listening to you, we will definitely shape our final project.

I want to insist: it's crucial, it's very important, that we want that people who have concerns and who want to participate, that they do so. You would help us a lot. I might be insisting a lot but I would be very pleased to be able to count on all of you, all of those who want to participate."

this is the last part of a five-parts series. you can read the whole series here.

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