Sunday, October 18, 2009

The Rosell Project - Part 1: The Club

In June 2008, former Barcelona sports vice-president Sandro Rosell announced at a press conference that he would take part in the next presidential elections. Last month, he confirmed in an interview with Catalan radio station Ràdio Barcelona that nothing had changed since that announcement.

It is believed that Rosell started preparing his candidacy shortly after he resigned as Barcelona director in June 2005. Rosell would at this moment be working with a group of close to 100 people to organize his campaign. During monthly meetings with his closest entourage, the election program is being finalized.

On Thursday 1 October, Rosell met with 30 club members - Catalan delegates of the advisory council - at the
La Camarga restaurant in Barcelona to explain them his project and to listen to their wishes. Two days later, after the league match against Almería on Saturday 3 October, Rosell met with delegates of the advisory council from outside Catalonia in his campaign offices. During both meetings, Rosell would have made a good impression on the fans.

Despite the fact that Rosell reportedly decided not to start campaigning before the end of this year (and maybe not even before the elections are called), he would be close to finishing his program. Several media have in the past weeks reported on his project. This blog will give an overview of what has been published so far.

Financial situation
Rosell wants to control the books of the club because he thinks they don't reflect the real situation of the club. There would be more debts than have been been made public.

Economic austerity
Rosell wants to reduce the spending of the club. One of the concrete measures would be to withdraw all credit cards that are being used by club directors and high executives. The number of employees will be limited, as well as their salary and some of their privileges.

Code of ethics
Members of the board will have to cumply with an ethical code in order to maintain the good name of the club.

Senate of Dignitaries
An assembly of distinguished club members will be created, with the core being the oldest socis. This assembly would be another means to safeguard the reputation of the club.

The contract of Barcelona chief executive Joan Oliver would be put to an end. One source claimed that also Barcelona head of external relations Manel Estiarte could have to leave the club, although people from the entourage of Rosell have reportedly denied this.

Political stands
Rosell will eliminate all political elements from his election program. He doesn't want the club to take radical positions regarding Catalan independency and wants to focus on sporting matters.

this is the first part of a four-parts series. the next part will cover the plans of rosell regarding the team (the coaching staff and the players). you can read the whole series here.

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