Monday, October 19, 2009

Barcagate taboo in the dressing room

Catalan sports paper Sport claims that "Barcagate" - the story on the investigation by the club of four vice-presidents - has not been discussed inside the Barcelona dressing-room. None of the players, not even the team captains who are following the news about the club more closely, would have brought up the subject.

When the presumed scandal was
made public in the press, Barcelona manager Josep Guardiola reportedly gave his players some advice about how to deal with the media reports on the case. The coach didn't want the issue to be used as an excuse for a drop in performances.

Upon his arrival as Barcelona manager last year, the Catalan would already have put in place several measures to shield the squad from the outside pressure and to keep the players focused on their daily work and on football matters. Newspapers would for example be forbidden in the dressing room.

With the presidential elections coming up in the spring of next year, Guardiola is aware that he will have to keep an even closer eye on the matter to avoid that the non-sporting issues would have an influence on the players and the team's performances.

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