Thursday, October 22, 2009

Rosell worried about 'rich kid' image

Catalan sports weekly paper Gol reports that "Crackòvia", a popular sketch comedy program on Catalan television channel TV3 (watch a sample below), is preparing the introduction of Barcelona presidential candidate Sandro Rosell as a character in one of the upcoming shows.

Catalan newspaper El Periódico meanwhile claims that Rosell would be worried about how the program might portray him. People from the entourage of the Catalan business man reportedly contacted the people in charge of "Crackòvia" to ask them not to portray Rosell too much as a rich kid.

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The Rosell Project

Sandro Rosell with college students of the University of Navarra - in the north of Spain - during the anniversary of a residence hall on 23 March 2009.

video by crackòvia
english subtitles by totalbarca

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