Friday, October 23, 2009

Barcelona wants to sign Cesc before elections

Catalan sports paper El Mundo Deportivo claims that Barcelona wants to sign Arsenal midfielder and Spanish international Cesc Fàbregas (22) before next year's elections.

To avoid that one of the presidential candidates could use the signing of Cesc during the election campaign (read more here), Barcelona president Joan Laporta reportedly wants to launch a final offensive for the Catalan midfielder from January on.

Laporta and Barcelona sports director Txiki Begiristain would already have reached a principal agreement with Darren Dein, the agent of Cesc, last August. Despite the rather positive attitude of board members of the English Premier League club, a summer transfer was in the end vetoed by Arsenal manager Arsène Wenger.

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  1. Don't you hate it when all this marketplace gossip starts appearing when things don't look that good? I guess it's too much asking for a truce. It's only October, please!

  2. I'm already passed the "hate" stage, D. If you know how things work, I think it's in the end actually entertaining.

    And this blog will only publish transfer gossip when they are in some way related to the elections.

  3. Pep, I have one transfer gossip related question... I know D. will get pissed but spare me this one time :)
    Now that Fabregas rumors have started again, I'd like to know if there's some thing about Hernanes these days. Because we do need to sign a DM in January and I think Hernanes would be the best option because he could back-up all the mid-field trio. Also since Pep wanted to sign him previously I think that's a realistic option

  4. It seems they are now more focusing on a left winger, or at least a player who can make the difference in attack, Anonymous.

    For the midfield positions (more specifically the DM) the idea would be:

    1. looking if squad players (Piqué or Márquez, not to name them) can be used at DM
    2. looking if a youth player can step in
    3. if 1 and 2 wouldn't work, they could try to sign someone although hernanes is not among the (many) names rumoured at this moment

    I'm actually not sure if Hernanes is a real DM either, he seems more a player who needs to play alongside a DM or with a DM behind him.

  5. Thanx Pep :)
    He actually has a profile similar to our Barca Cantera products... to start a DM & then excel in attacking!!

  6. Pep. i am noa a barca fan living in ireland, i would like to know what are realistc choices for reenforcing the left wing position. I was wondering about Diego capel or Kun Aguero is the later at all posibel, a lot of rumors are going around im not really sure who to belive.

  7. I think both Capel and Aguero are not very realistic opions, Noa. Capel because there are doubts about his skills (especially in a 4-3-3) and Aguero because he's too expensive.

    If Barcelona would sign a left winger in January, I guess that from all the names that are circling around now, a six-months loan of Robinho is the most realistic option.

    It has meanwhile been confirmed that Barcelona tried to sign him in August and officials recently repeated that the club might still be interested.

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    Might be handier for readers and myself to see who is commenting.

  8. Pep time to open the barca blogg again. we realy miss you.

    Visca Barca

    Greetings from Suecia

  9. Btw i think we should go all in next season for Fabregas, Villa or Ribery

  10. Thanks, Dinho, but I guess re-opening is not really an option. Unless my days would count 72hrs from now on... But glad you enjoyed it! I did too ;)

    To follow the developments on Fabregas, Villa or Ribery, you might check totalBarca, which was set up by some former fcbtransfers collaborators and readers.

    Greetings back to Sweden, and Svenskafans in particular!