Friday, May 7, 2010

Daughter of Stoichkov joins Plaza candidacy

Catalan sports paper Sport reports that Mikaela Stoichkov [picture, on the right], the daughter of former Barcelona player Hristo Stoichkov, has joined the candidacy of Barcelona presidential candidate Alexis Plaza ahead of the elections that will be held on Sunday 13 June.

Mikaela "Mika" Stoichkov, who knows Alexis Plaza for years, has a sports management degree and is now studying advertising and public relations in Barcelona. She also has her own management and consultancy services company M.S. Management that provides personal assistance services to VIPs related to the world of sports.

Hristo Stoichkov (44) joined Barcelona in the summer of 1990, from CSKA Sofia. Five years later, the Bulgarian striker moved to Italian club Parma but came back the next season. In 1998, he returned to CSKA Sofia. After his retirement, Stoichkov started a coaching career. Last March, he resigned as the manager of South-African club Mamelodi Sundowns.

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  1. @IBES:

    hey, what's wrong with the title? i already changed my original "daughter stochkov joins candidacy plaza". we need to avoid the " 's ", they look terrible in a title.

    and we'll keep the date description. the english language is just wrong and illogical there... ;-) and language is changeable and should be something of today's user.

    the rest i've adapted, thanks!

  2. lol ok primo. Was worried it would be too much and man, how intimidating was Hristo if people asked his daughter out?

  3. i think barcelona atlètic player victor vazquez could have been dating her actually. or a sister of hers. we'll try to find out.

  4. There are more Hristo daughters? IF she is as cute as Mika, then they deserve their own blog. Still think it's dangerous to date one of his daughters. Also, what's the deal with the hate for "'s"? Que pasa hombre? ;-)

  5. there would at least be one more. and guess it was a bit less dangerous when her father was coaching in south-africa. but only a bit.

    it's not a hate, it's just esthetically wrong as to my taste... :-D just allow me to have a weird title taste, ok?

  6. Claro, no problem're still the jefe.

  7. how about "Stoichkov daughter joins Plaza candidacy?"

  8. guys, stop making me confused!!! :-)))