Thursday, March 25, 2010

Godall withdraws his campaign for the presidency

Catalan sports paper Sport claims that Barcelona first vice-president Alfons Godall has decided to withdraw his "+Barça" campaign for the presidency of FC Barcelona.

Although he doesn't exclude to be part of another candidacy, Godall won't be a presidential candidate himself in the elections on 13 June. Godall would announce his decision in the next hours. The news has meanwhile also been confirmed to this blog.

[Update:] The news has been confirmed through an official announcement of the candidacy.

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  1. note:

    with 8.752 fans, godall had the largest support group on facebook, ahead of sandro rosell with 8.096 fans.

  2. this is really surprising.
    first, they were all behind godall for the continuity governance.
    and now laporta drops godall and goes for ferrer.
    while before that they were hoping that ferrer would join godall.
    and now godall drops the campaign altogether. something is really fishy out there. i won't be surprised if laporta had a hand in this and godall joining up with rosell.

  3. Pep, will you have an analysis on these events? Its a little difficult to believe that everyone was sticking to his righteous stand (except for Ferrer). Seems more like Laporta jumped the gun and now Godall is left with nowhere to go.

  4. i'll try some analysis in the comment section if you ask me concrete questions... ;-)

    what seems to have happened is that laporta couldn't live with the thought that soriano would lead the godall candidacy so he blew the whole thing up.

    and without the support of laporta (and with sala i martin not speaking out on his position), godall has almost no chance to win this, so this was probably the most wise decision. will try to translate this weekend the goodbye note he published.

  5. But there must have been sufficient communication between Laporta and Godall as well as Godall and Soriano for them to wait it out untill Soriano made his decision. Why would Laporta move so early? Besides hamstringing Godall it does little to show Laporta in a creditable light.

  6. let's say laporta's character is rather explosive, kamikaze...