Monday, March 22, 2010

Ferrer: "I'm the current management without Laporta"

Barcelona assets vice-president and presidential candidate Jaume Ferrer has opened an account at online question service Formspring. This blog will follow the account and keep you updated on the questions and answers published on there.

As president, will you get involved in politics? Will you use the media coverage the position brings along to comment on non-sports related issues?
My involvement in politics is limited to my concerns as a citizen. I don't think that the Barça president has to get involved in politics and if I would end up being the president of the club I will not do that, nor will I ever take part in a demonstration. Barça should not be an instrument of anything.

What do you think about the atmosphere at the Palau when the different sections are playing and what will you do to improve it? And will you only talk about football or will the other sections also have a place in your program?

I have been the person responsible for the sections and as the current head of the handball section it is clear to me that not only football has to play an important role in the club. The sections are very important and to improve them we need to build a new Palau with a better visibility and a larger capacity.

I think that, rather than opening football academies outside Catalonia, it would be good to have one in Girona, Tarragona and Lleida [capitals of the three other catalan provinces]. I know that there are a lot of young people who cannot attend a football school because of financial reasons.
Our academy already counts on young talents from different regions, like Fontàs, Muniesa, Dalmau or Bartra. The first three are from the province of Girona and the last one comes from the region of Tarragona. That's part of the role of our own youth academy. Those from outside Catalonia have the task to look for future stars in an international environment. All this with the final goal to have a team on the pitch that includes players from our own academy and players with international fame who make the difference.

I'm a club member of FC Barcelona and I would like to know which three things you would improve, things in which you think the club did not act properly and that you now, with the experience you have, would change?
Basically, I think we have to put all our attention on improving the social area of the club. We need to have a club that is closer to the member, that gives an answer to their concerns, that makes things easier for them and that allows them to particpate in their capacity of owner of the club. It is clear that the economic and the sports area are functioning well and we can only strenghten them to continue making Barça known around the world as more than a club.

I would like to know a bit more about the difference between your project and that of Godall, because I don't see things clear.
It's very simple: Jaume Ferrer is the current management without Joan Laporta, and Alfons Godall is the current management with Joan Laporta.

Do you think a unification of your candidacy and the one of Godall is possible? And with the candidacy of Rosell?
This is not the moment for pacts and I didn't consider any other option than that of leading an own candidacy.

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  1. "Jaume Ferrer is the current management without Joan Laporta, and Alfons Godall is the current management with Joan Laporta."

    If the latest report in sport is true then he can't say that anymore. :)
    I didn't expect a turn like that before the elections are called.