Monday, February 1, 2010

Ferrer: "The homegrown players are the basis"

Barcelona assets vice-president and presidential candidate Jaume Ferrer has opened an account at online question service Formspring. This blog will follow the account and keep you updated on the most interesting questions and answers published on there.

How would you explain that all pre-candidates that have come out so far have been part of the board that won in 2003? It gives the impression that a position in the board is very important when running for president.
It is true that most people who are taking part were members of the board of directors in 2003. I sincerely believe that the important thing is not where the candidates come from, but to make sure that there is a wide range of candidates so that the members have many options to choose from.

As a member of Barça, I have my doubts about who to vote for. My suggestion is not to continue with Txiki as sports director and this will be one of the key points when deciding my vote.
Our plan is to strengthen the sports model that has led us to win six cups while playing excellent football. We believe that the club's technical department and the staff of team have demonstrated that they are a guarantee to keep on being successful, so at this moment we would like to continue with the current technical staff.

Some people think that the fact that there are two candidates from the board of directors is a strategy organized by the board. Can you assure that you will never make a deal with Godall and that you won't step out of the electoral process before the end?
What I can assure you is that I will be the person who will lead my own project. Although we are of course open to any member who wants to join our team.

If you were elected president of Barça, and I hope it will be like that, which player would you like to sign?
We believe that now is the time to talk about projects rather than about signings. In any case, the decisions on the transfers should be taken by the sports director and the coach.

Would you strike a deal with Sandro Rosell?
I think that we are now in the process where the pre-candidates have to prepare their projects and make it known to the public.

Like all of us, you probably want that Guardiola continues, but if he doesn't who would be your first choice to coach Barça?
Last week we received the excellent news of the renewal agreement between Guardiola and the club. For us, his word carries much weight and therefore our first choice is obviously him.

Do you think that the billionaire transfers (Kaká, Cristiano Ronaldo, Ibrahimovic) are needed in modern football and that Barça has to adapt to this, or are you totally against it?
We believe that the basis of first team have to be players who were formed at the academy and the youth teams of Barça. The international players we bring to the club have to be top level players who add some extra quality.

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  1. this is interesting, pep. thanks for covering nearly everything for us readers.

    any word on when ferrer will make his candidacy official?

    also: sandro's rather low key announcement surprised me a little, but i think i like it.

    lastly, i'm curious. is there like, a sentiment among voters that would indicate that if ferran runs with godall's ticket, that they would be the team to beat?

    lastly, just wanted to say i didnt think it possible but you new blog is even better than the one before.

    congrats and thanks for sharing this with us. its a hard working blog for sure :)

  2. you're welcome, xaviniesta :)

    ferrer already kind of made it official at the end of december. a more event-like presentation of his project will follow later.

    well, the feeling is that godall+soriano would be more of a real challenge for rosell, they wouldn't really suddenly become the team to beat.

    and thanks for those last words. always good to hear people like what you do :)

  3. so seems like rosell is the man to beat and he isnt even talking about his project yet. very strange :/