Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Godall chosing campaign songs

Through his personal Facebook page and that of his campaign team, Barcelona first vice-president and presidential candidate Alfons Godall is looking for songs that could liven up Godall's campaign events in the coming months.

One song that has already been selected is "Viatge a Ítaca" in the version of Catalan singer Beth (video above). The song was originally written in 1975 by Catalan singer-songwriter Lluís Llach based on a poem by Greek poet Kavafis that was inspired by the homeric return journey of Greek mythic hero Odysseus to his home island.

Other songs that certainly will be used during the campaign of the vice-president are "We Are the Champions" and "Viva la Vida" by British rock bands Queen and Coldplay. Godall also said that he would like to add one of his personal favourites, "You Got It" by American singer-songwriter Roy Orbison.

And after Godall appeared on Monday for the first time in "Crackòvia", a popular sketch comedy program on Catalan television channel TV3, he suggested that it might be an option to also include "Simply the Best" by American singer Tina Turner (video below, from 2'15").

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  1. What does "Al loro" mean what Laporta always says?

  2. @Feech

    it means something like "beware!". laporta used the expression in one of his most famous speeches.

  3. Thanks Pep.

    Now I know what his crackovia character repeats all the time.

  4. Where would I get a great amount of help in learning Catalan? I know some of it and can understand/interpret what they are saying but I want to be able to speak it.

    Do you have any advice or idea Pep?

    Thank you so much for all that you have done to link Barca fans and the club closer.

  5. there are some sites around, chazan, if you google a bit around, you find some interesting stuff.

    i just coincidentally discovered "", which seems quite decent. will subscribe after the elections myself, to upgrade my self-teached catalan a bit.

    and you're welcome...