Sunday, January 31, 2010

Godall: "I have a great feeling of relief"

Barcelona first vice-president and presidential candidate Alfons Godall gave an interview to Catalan newspaper El Periódico.

Has your life changed a lot since you announced your decision to stand for election?
Yes, I have a great feeling of relief because I've taken a weight off my mind. I had already decided for a while to take this step and I was looking for the best moment to do so. And I did not want to wait any longer.

It seems as if everything happened very fast. We don't even know yet when the elections will be (note: the interview dates from before the announcement on friday that the elections will be held on sunday 13 june).
I wanted to clarify some things after a series of speculations regarding my role in the elections. My wish is to be pre-candidate, candidate and president, if the club members want so. It was time to stop all the uncertainty and the rumours. And my desire is to continue until the end.

When Laporta presented you as candidate to the board last season, you turned the offer down with the argument that you didn't want to lose your private life. Then there was a consensus, which isn't the case anymore, and you will anyway lose a part of your freedom.
At that time, my personal situation was different. There have been developments in my private life that have made me reconsider the decision. I also believe that everything was premature at that moment and that the consensus within the board was a false consensus.

Laporta has publicly supported your candidacy, a gesture that made it clear that he is not impartial.
I'm sure that the president Joan Laporta will be fair, just and guarantee an exemplary election process. That is what he wants and I know he will do it that way. Jan assisted the event, first as a friend and then as a board colleague.

That is why I invited him and why he accepted, as did some who will support me in the elections and others who still do not know what they will do. I appreciate the support of the president and I don't think that his presence is a reason to criticize him.

Do you intend to offer him a position if you're elected?
It should be clear that he cannot be on any list nor have any position in the board during the next term. There are people who have been speculating about a later appointment, but that is not an option and I would not do it either way.

But I believe that in the whole of Catalonia nor in the entourage of Barça, there's someone who knows as well as Laporta the authorities, the people and the institutions that are governing international football.

We have not yet talked about this, but if we win I plan to offer him some form of representation or delegation of Barça's interest at FIFA, UEFA, ECA or the local federations, where he has a lot of influence and where he has earned a general respect. Everyone admires our club model.

this is the first part of this interview. you can read the second part here.

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  1. The last question reminded me of something:
    Will Joan Laporta stay as second vice-chairman of ECA until the next ECA General Assembly or will he step down once his mandate ends as president of FC Barcelona?

  2. good question, chris. i woudln't know the answer though and i couldn't find the rules (if there are any, guess things might be organized rather at random in the eca).

    ps. just checked their site and there laporta is said to be first chairman now (

  3. You're right, he's first vice-chairman.

    All I know is that David Gill and Florentino Pérez replaced Rick Parry and Ramón Calderón at the last General Assembly.
    Former Liverpool chief executive Rick Parry left his post at Anfield last June and former Real Madrid president Ramón Calderón resigned last January.
    I couldn't find anything concrete but I think they resigned as ECA board members as well so I guess Laporta will resign at the end of June too (unless Godall will win and delegate him to ECA).