Friday, February 5, 2010

Ferrer: "Efficiency, discretion and renewal"

Barcelona assets vice-president and presidential candidate Jaume Ferrer has opened an account at online question service Formspring. This blog will follow the account and keep you updated on the most interesting questions and answers published on there.

You had already decided to run for president of Barça when you, after some doubts, ended up supporting the board after the vote of no confidence in 2008?
No, at that moment my position was simply an act of responsibility. President Laporta was motivated to continue and I decided to support him, accepting all the consequences that could have.

Do you think that the Catalan identity of Barça is crucial in the club's identity? If you think so, what role should Barça play within the Catalan nationalism movement?
Of course it is. Barça should always support the Catalan institutions, but never be used as a political instrument.

Don't you think that the president of Barça, as representative of a global club, should try to "take care" of the fans outside Catalonia? I think there have been some statements that should be avoided...
Without forgetting that we are a Catalan club and what we represent, we must keep in mind that not only people living in Catalonia are club members or fans. We need to accommodate the fans outside of Catalonia and try to make them also feel comfortable.

Who will be the sports director? And what will be your transfer policy? Will the youth players continue to be as important in the first team?
For the position of sports director, I continue to believe in Txiki Begiristain. I think he has done an excellent job and as far as I'm concerned it just depends on him wanting to continue. The transfer policy should not be dictated by other people than the coach, Josep Guardiola, and the sports director. And the first team should obviously be fed, as far as possible, with players of the academy.

Do you completely rule out a deal with Alfons Godall, Agustí Benedito or Ferran Soriano? Because you are all heirs of the best Barça in history, and the battle against Sandro Rosell will be very tough.
My candidacy continues to have the doors open, but I think that now is the time for everyone to make their program public.

Could you define your project in three words?
Efficiency, discretion and renewal.

What differentiates your project of that headed by Alfons Godall?
My candidacy is an innovative one that besides wishing to strengthen the economic model and the sports model, also wants to provide a breath of fresh air. I believe in the current model, but I also believe that the new president has to stay away from self-centeredness. The president of Barça has to limit himself to his job and let the professionals do their work, appear less in the media and make sure that everything functions in an efficient and discreet way.

Who will be part of your team?
As you already know I have the support of board members Albert Perrín, Alfons Castro, Jordi Torrent, Jacint Borrás and Josep Antón Colomer. There are also other new people who will bring fresh ideas and whom you will get to know soon.

Shouldn't the club give a little more importance to the other sports, especially basketball?
Without any doubt. During those years I got to know the other sports because I was responsible for the handball section. The club is not just a football club. Basketball, handball and roller hockey, plus the other sports, are also very important to us. Moreover, I am a big basketball fan and when it's possible I always attend the home games.

How will the support of Laporta for the other vice-president affect your campaign?
As a club member, Joan Laporta is free to support who he wants, like every other member who will be able to express himself the day of the elections. I have already said on more than one occasion that because of their friendship it is normal that Laporta supports Godall.

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