Tuesday, February 2, 2010

New board member to be appointed this month

Catalan sports paper El Mundo Deportivo claims that Catalan lawyer Xavier-Albert Canal (picture) will almost certainly be appointed as new director of FC Barcelona at the next board meeting on Friday 26 February.

Barcelona president Joan Laporta had reportedly proposed during one of the last limited board meetings to add a new member to the board who should not be part of any candidacy and who should stay at the club until the end of the term with the main task of keeping an eye on the correctness of the whole eletoral process.

Although there would have been a consensus during the general board meeting last Friday to nominate Jaume Alonso Cuevillas, a university professor of law, the latter was at the last minute vetoed by someone within the club.

Club sources told the paper that the veto came from Barcelona ombudsman Agustí Bassols. This is confirmed by Barcelona site
Pelikano that claims that the position of Bassals was caused by an earlier business dispute with Cuevillas, whose appointment is said to have been strongly supported by Laporta and director Magda Oranich.

Everything would now indicate that Xavier-Albert Canal, a former president of the Catalan rugby federation, will become the new board member. Canal joined the disciplinary commission of FC Barcelona in October of last year. Before, he had already been a member of the club's sports commission.

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  1. And when will Ferrer and Godall resign?

    I can’t see how it will work to have two candidates in a board who's decisions (even if it’s taken for the best of the club) might leave an impact on the continuity candidate (opposing Ferrer) chances to win the elections. The whole managerial process may enjoy an extended coma till summer as a result of countering Vetoes. Not good.

  2. Directors who take part in the elections are obliged to resign some weeks before the elections, Ramzi. I think in general there won't be taken any more major decisions in the coming months.