Thursday, February 4, 2010

The Pundit: Miguel Rico on Laporta era

« Over those seven years, it's true, FC Barcelona has won all the titles that they could win but, almost at the same speed, the president has been losing the essence of everything for which he was elected. »

Miguel Rico,
El Mundo Deportivo


  1. Hey Pep

    How are you doing ? My compliments on this new place you have opened. It looks great and I think you might probably be enjoying yourself more than with the last one since it is more focussed on a particular topic and gives you the opportunity to provide both info and analysis.

    Further compliments on the exclusive I saw put up yesterday. The rest of the guys seem to have taken up where you left off at TotalBarca too.

    I have a lot of catching up to do, so I ll be around looking through the archives over the next few weeks. My best wishes to all the guys I used to work and exchange views with.

  2. hi kamikaze

    good to have you back! i already thought you were captured by somali pirates. or that you joined them... :-)

    and yes, some -ahem- slight changes took place ove the last half year. if i'll have some time one day, you'll have the large version, but basically: the old place collapsed when you left... :-)))

    feel free to join the guys at totalbarca. with your experience, i'm sure you can add a lot. if needed, i'll write you a recommendation letter ;-)

    have a good read and welcome back!