Thursday, February 4, 2010

Godall: "I'm not the puppet of Laporta"

Barcelona first vice-president and presidential candidate Alfons Godall gave an interview to Catalan newspaper El Periódico.

Do you understand that the suspicions are now growing that the spying of the vice-presidents (read more here) happened for electoral purposes? Coincidentally, you were the only one who was not investigated.
People have the right to think the worst if they want so. I wasn't the object of these investigations or these studies because at that time I was out of the electoral race. But I recognize that it was a sad chain of errors. I want to learn from the mistakes, and also from this one.

Having said that, unfortunately, when someone gets involved in the entourage of Barça at whatever level, he should accept that his private and professional life will be analyzed and often with unclear purposes.

Yes, but you didn't have to undergo it.
Now I didn't, but they did investigate me before: in 1996, when we started to make some noise with the 'Elefant Blau' [barcelona opposition group], when we took part in the 2000 elections and again in 2003, and during our time in office.

I know about it because I have been informed, for example by banks with whom I work, that there have been individuals or companies that have collected information about my business and financial situation, I imagine as a part of some study or audit.

But that didn't come from within the club. Would you accept to be investigated now for your own "security"?
I have no objection at all to be investigated if they want so because my life is very normal and I think I have very little dirty laundry to hide. It is true that there is always a more intimate circle, namely the family, where it is very annoying to feel being watched.

Why is a joint candidacy with Jaume Ferrer not possible when you say that you get along well with him? Because of the continuity of chief executive Joan Oliver?
The director general has done a brilliant management job in very difficult economic times. I like his efficiency and I am a strong supporter of him staying at the club.

Is it true that one of the reasons is that you don't want to include directors Albert Perrín, Jacint Borràs and Josep Anton Colomer in your list?
I don't want to be a prisoner of the board of directors I might have in the future. I think that a candidate has to chose people with whom he connects well and therefore I ask the freedom needed to make that decision. I want to make room for new blood and for a policy of alliances with other people.

This isn't about names, I don't want to personalize things by telling who I exclude. I want to choose my travel companions freely and according to my own preferences, and so far we haven't been able to find the right balance that could lead to this agreement with Jaume.

It's not only a matter of winning the elections, although this is of course the most important point, but also of being able to govern in a stable way after that.

You always speak about Ferran Soriano in a praising tone and without excluding a pact. Don't you think that Laporta would feel betrayed?
I told Laporta that I want to have the total freedom to develop the strategy of alliances that seems best to me. This shows from the start that I'm not the puppet of Laporta, nor the representative of anyone. I have my own personality and my own project. I hope and I am convinced that Jan will understand my choices, even when he's not feeling the same about them.

On the other hand you always kept distance from Rosell.
It's not a matter of persons but of moments and of reasons why they left. Rosell left early because in fact he didn’t share our sporting model. I think he wanted to be the sporting model himself.

Soriano on the other hand left a lot later, he shared the model and his reason was the interpretation of the vote of no confidence. He and the others felt morally obliged to resign and I respect that, although in my opinion they were wrong.

Do you think that both you and Ferrer don’t have to put down a bank guarantee?
I'm not considering the possibility of having to guarantee since the competent administration and custodian of the guarantee, which is the LFP, the Professional Football League, tells us that we don’t have to do it. And it's the same in the case of Ferrer.

this is the second and last part of this interview. you can read the first part here.

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interview: david torras


  1. i think a club president should be able to work with all types, not just people he likes.

    pep, may i know how the members of the board are elected? does the president appoint everyone (barca has 18 directors?), or is there a selection process that involves others voting as well?


  2. @xaviniesta

    i don't think it's only about people he likes, but rather about people he trusts. after having seem from very close what laporta has lived, i can see his point there.

    the president choses his board. there should be between 14 and 21 directors and at this moment there are 17 of them, with an 18th possibly appointed later this month: New board member to be appointed this month

  3. so when will the two candidates resign from the board and will they will be replaced?

  4. @IBES

    The candidates and the directors who will actively take part in the campaign have to resign 2-3 weeks before the vote. A limited board team will then complete the term.

  5. oh ok, so there is a deadline until they submit their resignations. Thanks for clearing that up jefe.