Saturday, February 20, 2010

Ferrer: "My project is totally innovative"

Barcelona assets vice-president and presidential candidate Jaume Ferrer has opened an account at online question service Formspring. This blog will follow the account and keep you updated on the questions and answers published on there.

As a club member without a season-ticket, I want the next board to give a 50% reduction on the price of the tickets offered to members without season-ticket instead of the current 20%, which is not enough.
We agree that we should give more facilities to the member that has no season-ticket so he can come and watch the games at the stadium. The reductions will be bigger.

Would you support the creation of an 'animation stand' at the Camp Nou, like there was the "Youth Stand" in the nineties?
Of course. We want to stimulate the animation in the stadium and we should see what is the best way to do it. We will soon present new proposals to encourage this.

Do you think the club can gain 1.000 millions a year as was stated by Godall?
That would represent a yearly increase of 17 or 18%, something that is possible for Barça. We could be talking about 800 or 900 millions.

Will someone like Mr Soriano or another popular figure be part of your candidacy? Couldn't Mr Borras [current director] take up the role of Mr Casaus [former vice-president responsible for the social area], but then in a good way?
Our candidacy includes people of the board of directors, who believe in the current sports and economic model and want to strengthen that, but we will add new people because this will certainly enrich our program. We want people who believe in our project and Mr Borras is one of them.

Do you think it is ethical to continue as vice-president given that you have already announced your intention to take part in the elections?
All opinions are respectable and I understand your point of view, but the statutes of the club clearly indicate the day we should resign.

Do you exclude a deal with Sandro Rosell?
I can assure that I will get to the end alone. Despite my good relationships with Sandro Rosell, as well as with Alfonso Godall, my project is totally innovative.

You think that Laporta has been a good president for Barça?
Joan Laporta will go down in history as one of the best presidents, as happened with Miró-Sans, Núñez or others.

Why did you stay on after you were spied upon?
Continuing at the club was an act of responsibility. Otherwise it would not have been possible to give continuity to the model that led us to win everything.

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