Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Poll Voting Intentions: Four Months Before

This is the final result of this blog's Who would you vote for in the elections for president of FC Barcelona poll?

Alfons Godall 45%
Sandro Rosell 24%
Agusti Benedito 5%
Jaume Ferrer 1%
Jaume Guixa 1%

Someone else 12%
Don't know 11%

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  1. Note:

    a similar poll (maybe with other names, depending on the upcoming events) will be held each month until one month from the elections. thereafter, we might have weekly polls.

  2. to avoid manipulations, i don't mention the total number, IBES. if you're still interested after the elections, i'll put them out.

    but for sure: not enough to be representative, besides of course the fact that most voters here won't be voting in barcelona on 13 june. it's just a fun poll, and it might be interesting to see the evolution.

  3. Thanks for answering. I just was curious to see how many voted on the poll. I agree with you that many probably cannot vote, such as myself, did vote on it. I was just surprised by the outcome.