Monday, February 15, 2010

Sala accuses Rosell of being behind opposition paper

Asked about some news reports in Catalan sports weekly paper Gol, Barcelona treasurer Xavier Sala i Martín has accused presidential candidate Sandro Rosell in a note on his Facebook page of being behind the paper:

"That pamphlet is Sandro's. The assistant director of this pamphlet is called Juanjo Gonzalez although, instead of facing up, this man is hiding behind the pseudonym Diego Valor.

According to confessions by Sandro himself that were published on 25 April 2006, among the people who convinced him to write the book 'Benvingut Al Món Real' there was Juanjo Gonzalez, whom he calls "a friend of mine and of my father".

So while they're telling the people they are playing it clean, the campaign of Sandro also consists of throwing dirt on the others through pamphlets such as this one or Pelikano [Barcelona news site]. But so they don't face up. Everybody is how he is. We are not doing it that way."

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  1. eh.. What's this phamplet thing all about?

  2. I think pamphlet is the periodical Gol.

  3. It is surprising to see what a petty political operative Sala i Martin has turned out to be.

  4. it's a long story, guys. but we'll try to summarize it. sports weekly gol restructured at the end of last year and instead of being a sports paper has turned into an election paper that is focusing on attacking the board. it's interesting for sure, although the over-all "anti" tone is a bit over the top.

    "diego valor" is a blogger who is very critical about the laporta board, who joined gol and is now sub-director writing both under the name "diego valor" as, sometimes, under his real name "juanjo gonzalez", who now seems to have been named by rosell in his 2006 book as a long-time family friend.

    basically, sala i martin says: "rosell says (1) that he is not talking and (2) that he wants a clean campaign, but in reality (1) he is talking, but then through 'his' media and 'his' journalists, and (2) what he says/they say isn't clean at all."

    personal comment:
    welcome to catalonia...

  5. is this the manifesto rosell was supposed to have circulated before he announced his candidacy or is it a more recent document? i read in a catalan blog about the manifesto, not its contents tho. i forgot now whc blog, but the post was fairly recent.

  6. this is not a document but a paper, anonymous. rosell has not put out any election-related manifesto so far. that will only happen after the elections are officially called, which is more than two months way.