Saturday, February 27, 2010

Ferrer: "Focus on America, Asia and Africa"

Barcelona assets vice-president and presidential candidate Jaume Ferrer has opened an account at online question service Formspring. This blog will follow the account and keep you updated on the questions and answers published on there.

Who will in your candidacy assume the vice-presidency in both the sports and the economic area?
The formation of our team is very advanced, but we'll comment on these issues once the elections are called.

If you were president, would you continue with the reform of the Camp Nou exactly as planned by Foster?
The remodelling of the stadium is necessary because the Camp Nou has to fit the needs of the club member. This would also allow us to compete on an equal footing with the best European clubs.

We all know that, sooner or later, the Palau Blaugrana will have to be remodelled so that there would be a capacity of ten thousand people. How will you encourage the Barcelona supporters to go to the Palau if there is now an average attendance of only five thousand spectators?
I think there is enough demand to be able to fill a larger Palau and if we have more capacity we can also improve the supply of tickets.

Who will win the elections?
I respect all candidates, but my own objetive is to reach the presidency of FC Barcelona.

It looks as if the candidacy of Sandro Rosell thinks to cancel the position of sports director. With which model do you identify yourself more, with what he may propose or with what will probably be put forward by Alfons Godall?
Our project will defend the same model that has given us so many successes, which includes a sports director, a coach and a head of the youth academy. We want a team of players that came through the youth teams, plus players from around the world who can make the differences.

It seems that candidates like Alfons Godall and Sandro Rosell have recently discovered basketball... [godall and rosell assisted a couple of weeks ago a basketball game] What do you think about this?
I think it's great, it's never too late. As far as I'm concerned, I'm already assisting the games at the Palau for many years, not only the basketball games but also those of hockey and handball.

Will you continue with the Foster project? What is the current situation? Will the whole stadium be covered?
We should re-think the Foster project so the costs are more reasonable, but in any case the project should include to cover the whole Camp Nou.

What do you plan to do for the internationalization of the club?
Today we have already achieved that the FCB brand is global and what is needed now is that we go more into depth through media platforms, new markets, especially in America, Asia and Africa.

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  1. Ferrer can barely talk english, how he will drive FCB to a Global Market? What's his background? No experience, no capability, no talent... just words and promise like Zapatero.