Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Could president Laporta become vice-president?

Speaking to Catalan radio station Catalunya Ràdio, former Barcelona president Joan Gaspart has said that he has suggested to Barcelona president Joan Laporta that the latter could be part of a presidential candidacy in the upcoming elections as vice-president:

"What could be postive for the continuism - I told it to president Laporta but he didn't listen - is that Mr Godall or Mr Ferrer would be president and Mr Laporta vice-president. That would be a master move, machiavellian but masterly. But Mr Laporta apparently didn't follow my advice and has chosen for a political career."

In principle, the club statutes don't seem to forbid the mentioned option. The third point of Article 31, entitled 'Duration of term of office', read as follows: "The President of the Governing Board may hold office, consecutively, for a maximum of two terms. The other members of the board can be re-elected indefinitely."

And Article 38 of the statutes, that enumerates the conditions to be eligible as director, also doesn't put any obstacles if the president resigns at the right time, a few weeks before the elections (point f):

"a) To be an adult and not legally incapacitated.
b) To have been a Club member for a minimum of one year at the moment that the elections are called.
c) Not to be on suspended membership at the moment that the elections are called.
d) Not to have been associated to FC Barcelona as a player, trainer, member of the coaching staff or employee during the two years prior to the calling of elections.
e) Not to have been punished disciplinarily by the Club for a very serious infringement during the five years prior to the calling of elections.
f ) To have presented one's resignation and left the position before beginning Stage VI of the electoral procedure (presentation of candidacies) in the case of the aspiring candidate being a member of the Board of Directors or Management Commission that has called the elections and seeks to present oneself for re-election.
g) To be included in the current Electoral Roll."

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  1. I thought Laporta can not be in the next board in any form. Even Godall said that he can not take part.

    "I count with each and every one of them, minus Joan Laporta, who can not take part."

    "It should be clear that he can not be on any list nor have any position in the board during the next term. There are people who have been speculating about a later appointment, but that is not an option and I would not do it either way."

  2. it seems the statutes at least don't make it impossible, it's not explictly forbidden (if i'm not missing something), although one could discuss about the interpretation of "holding office": is that holding office as president or holding office as director? based on the text itself, one might go for the first option although to be sure you need to see the preparatory documents.

    godall might have been talking about some kind of "moral" prohibition. or he should finally read the statutes of his club... ;)