Thursday, February 25, 2010

Where did the candidates watch Stuttgart game?

All Barcelona presidential candidates watched the Champions League game against Stuttgart on Tuesday together with Barcelona fans.

Sandro Rosell travelled to Stuttgart with a group of friends to attend the game (second picture below). Jaume Ferrer (picture above) and Jaume Guixà watched the game at a Barcelona fan club.

Agustí Benedito watched the game with his campaign team at a bar in Barcelona (first picture below) and Alfons Godall together with 75 invited fans at the headquarters of his campaign (third picture below).


  1. Why did 3 of 4 candicates wear a suit?
    A suit and a tie for a Barca game with friends? Strange for me

  2. it was 4 of 4 actually, rosell also had a -more casual - suit beneath his jacket.

  3. did you get these pics from one source, pep? sandro has the most flattering picture followed by ferrer. are they teaming up?

  4. pictures in the stadium are almost the most flattering, i guess. from ferrer there was only one available, from benedito there were two but this was the best one (other one was almost the same but from further away).

    godall had a whole bunch, but i picked one where you saw the screen too, to get some more of how the scene looked like and because otherwise it would have been just another one similar to the benedito and ferrer pic (candidate looking to screen that is not in the image).

    i'm thinking about this, you know...

  5. uhm okay, thank you..